Hillgrove takes case to Court of Appeal

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Convicted fraudster Richard Hillgrove has filed his tax evasion case to the Court of Appeal ahead of sentencing next month.

Hillgrove lodged an appeal against his guilty verdict at Bristol Crown Court last week, but will likely have to wait a number of months before a single judge will grant or refuse leave to appeal.

Last month the Somerset-based celebrity PR was convicted on two counts of cheating the public Revenue. After a three-week trial the jury came to a unanimous verdict in just two hours that he had dishonestly failed to make returns for VAT and PAYE to HMRC for his limited company Hillgrove Public Relations Limited.

The grounds of appeal have not yet been made public; however Hillgrove has indicated...

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By MattG
01st May 2014 11:25


"It also appears that Hillgrove’s most recent accountant Mr Shah, who he called as his witness during the trial, is no longer working for him."

I imagine most of us would run a mile having seen the previous accountants being dragged through court, even if only as witnesses. It makes you glad that unlike those in the legal profession we can pretty easily ditch/refuse a client.

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Thanks for your comment, but...

There is nothing untoward about MattG's comment, but since Mr Hillgrove has yet to be sentenced and his case is now pending appeal, we will have to close comments on this article to ensure that no prejudicial comments are posted.


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