HMRC Online: Off for four days

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It’s that time of year again. HMRC’s website will be shut this weekend for routine maintenance, reports Nick Huber.

HMRC’s IT systems will be offline from today until 15 October, 6am, due to a “routine IT upgrade” to ensure “accurate” services.

Helplines will remain open through this period for general queries, but tax or benefit records cannot be amended. 

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And yet when RTI comes in we will be required to give information immediately.  So presumably no more shutdowns?

Just wondering what we will do if we can't log on to give RTI details the moment someone is paid their salary.  My internet was down last Friday.  What happens then?

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Why is this necessary in today's world

The online services of the banks, major online retailers and the various social media sites do not routinely shut down for 4 days for "a routine IT upgrade to ensure accurate services ". 

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It would be better to shut down for a couple of weekends

Then at least working days (for some) will not be affected.

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Shutdown is during the Monthly CIS Submission window

For companies in the construction industry who have to make Monthly CIS Returns the timing is bad yet again.  Each month the Returns have to be submitted between the 6th and 19th of the month.  So shutting down for days within that period significantly reduces the available filing window.

Can't HMRC avoid this filing period when pre-planning upgrades?

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7-day week

jimeth wrote:

Each month the Returns have to be submitted between the 6th and 19th of the month.

I agree entirely, the ECSL is due today, luckily I submitted over a week ago. 

With RTI en route the upgrade process needs re-considering as businesses operate on all 7 days of the week these days.

I'm afraid I missed any warning in advance that HMRC were shutting down, it wasn't mentioned on the last Employer's bulletin and I haven't seen details when logging-in, perhaps planned shut downs should be more widely publicised? I always seem to learn about them on Accounting Web or once looking at service availability when I can't log in.

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I have been waiting for this moment ...

... for the better part of half a year:

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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It rather looks as if

something more fundamental may have occurred this morning as the link to the Service Availability page currently fails

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It works now

It's back up again.

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CT Assessing sub numbers

Appear to have disappeared fromt he HMRC portal. so if you have no payslip you can't confirm the ASN the client needs to make the payment electronically. Well you can if you want to try and work it out.
Anyone found it hiding in a new place?

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A problem remains

with P46(CAR) submissions - see Service issues - PAYE

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