HMRC opens door-to-door sales amnesty

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Door-to-door salespeople have until the end of February to come clean about any tax they owe in return for a reduced penalty.

The direct selling campaign is HMRC's latest amnesty and part of a clampdown on tax evasion in different parts of the economy.

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This will be a real difficult one for HMRC as probably all sales will be by cash and most or many traders will be  unregistered for VAT. There  will also be absence of records etc.

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Making offer to HMRC

Taxpayer registered under amnesty but cannot afford the calculated total and does not have any assets against which funds could be raised. The amnesty forms say taxpayer can make an offer to HMRC. Has anyone been in this situation for previous amnesties and made an offer? If so what was accepted and what was not?

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