HMRC press officer charged over misconduct

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Senior HMRC press officer Jonathan Hall will be charged under Operation Eleveden for allegedly exchanging Revenue information for money.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Hall, along with his partner Marta Bukarewicz and The Sun journalist and Whitehall editor Clodagh Hartley will be charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.

Allegedly, The Sun paid Hall, mostly via Bukarewicz, £17,500 between March 2010 and July 2011 for...

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its a bit early for sentencing isnt it!

or is this what justice is coming to in this country now

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carnmores wrote:

or is this what justice is coming to in this country now

Charged and then sentenced? Was it even real?

,and we moan about corruption in other countries.....wonder how many inspectors are on money launderers payroll's as they seem not to notice quite a lot of tax crime.

I think HMRC needs a culture change like the BBC?

Be interesting whether he declared the tax on it? and whether tax evasion and money laundering are added to the charges especially if it was in cash?

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Public servants ?

Surely civil servants are public employees, so the public has a right to know what they are doing and why. Whatever happened to open government ? We get more like the old East Germany every day.

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not if it's Budget info
@John Collingwood

If you mean selling info to The Sun shouldn't be an offence, remember this is Budget info, and therefore market sensitive (let alone the prerogative of Parliament to be informed first).

Not everything in government can be open. Any more than everything in business.

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no comment from HMRC

With HMRC quick to publish mugshots of convicted fraudsters, I wonder if and when they will publish anything about one of their own with his fingers in the till!

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RIght to Know + Presumption of Innocence
The public has a right to know about malpractice and wrongdoing in the public sector.  Accordingly  in some (possibly all) civil service departments, there are procedures for reporting such matters confidentially and in a way that bypasses management chains, using internet or telephone.As far as I know these procedures do not involve either talking to The Sun or receiving large amounts of money.Carnmores is right to point out that your report of the judicial process misses out the trivial formality of the court finding the accused guilty before sentencing them.

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Sharpen up Rachael!

Reprting problem! Up at Magistrates 29 May see here

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Before the beak?

Chris Smail wrote:

Reprting problem! Up at Magistrates 29 May see here

before the beak..

where did that expression come from?

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May be called the beak....

...because (s)he's at the top of the pecking order?

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