HMRC staff to strike next week

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Workers at HMRC are to strike across the UK next week in protest over jobs cuts and the closure of walk-in tax-enquiry centres.

A spokesman for the Public and Commercial Services union, which has about 60,000 members at HMRC, said there will be daily strikes next week. Regions will strike on different days.

HMRC plans to cut about 10,000 jobs by 2015. It has cut about 37,000 jobs since 2005, according to the PCS.

The PCS says that a lack of resources means that billions of pounds in tax is lost each year through evasion and avoidance and cuts will worsen things.

"The dispute is about staffing," a PCS spokesman said. "Yea...

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Will we notice any difference?


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Yes, we'll notice a difference - you'll be able to ring them up and get the same consistent (lack of) response every time :) 

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....went on strike over an appraisal system that tells the bottom ten percent if stsff they will have to improve ??

Jack whatever his name was -- ex CEO Of general Motors -- instigated a system
which said the bottom ten percent were automatically fired !! I believe Immelt his successor is
continuing it which is
probsbky why GE are on the cusp if taking ove Alstom !!!

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HMRC strike

Hurrah, we won't be plagued by inane phone calls.

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...I am assuming we will get the same level of service during the strikes as we currently get without the strikes.

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