One of HMRC's most wanted found in Cyprus

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A fraudster on HMRC's UK top 20 tax fugitive list has been found in Cyprus and is trying to negotiate a return to the UK.

Timur Mehmet is wanted for his role in a VAT fraud scheme worth £25m to resell goods several times and claim VAT via setting up fake companies issuing sham invoices. The VAT he claimed was never passed onto HMRC.

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How can

you negotiate a prison sentence. All criminals might as well abscond to Cyprus, then re-negotiate a prison term. Why don't the SAS just capture him and have done with it.

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in tis case we want the money


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8 years roughly £3m a year. He will only do 4. So he gives them £12m and stays out of nick. Good advert for crime doesn't pay. I've always thought our legal system puts money before life. Don't tell me our friend is chief negotiator.

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@ johnjenkins

Most criminals who lack the nous to abscond to Cyprus find that the Proceeds of Crime act has a sting.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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When will Turkey join EU ....

First Asil Nadir, now this chap ...

The possibility of Turkey joining the EU may well have a bearing on decisions to do a deal with HMRC - after all if they do join then Northern Cyprus ("Costa del Crime") would no longer be a sanctuary

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I'll do the negotiating

Come back to the UK and we will give you a fair trial and we won't extadite you to the US.

PS - Give us all your money.



Job done


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Why ?

Why would you want to come back?


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They all want

to come back at some stage. Normally when they run out of money or are really ill

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