PAYE and CT niggles after HMRC upgrade

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AccountingWEB members are reporting problems with PAYE codes this morning following HMRC maintenance work over the weekend on its computer systems.

At 7:30am this morning, AccountingWEB member Flash Gordon logged in to comment, “They appear to have gone back in time.”When trying to view PAYE notices for the current tax year (2014-15) all he could see was a 2012/13 listing.

“And as they don't offer 2014/15 as a separate option you can't see your notices!” Flash noted.

The same scenario was reported by Banks accountants, who are unable to process records at their payroll bureau.

At 11:30am, the department contacted us to explain that the drop down list for the new tax year had been omitted from the upgraded menu over the weekend and was defaulting to a previous year. “The issue was resolved at 8.30am,” HMRC said.

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"Intermittent" fix

We've just heard from Banks Accountants again, who report that the menu fix is intermittent.

"I did fleetingly see ‘current year’ as 2014/15, but spookily going into different clients it seems that the problem remains," said Anne Bluth.

Is anyone else still experiencing this issue?


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Not just PAYE

They appear to have completely screwed up CT600 filing (though when I spoke to them denied that they are aware of any issues).

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BKD wrote:

They appear to have completely screwed up CT600 filing (though when I spoke to them denied that they are aware of any issues).

Is that why I got a message saying I'd supposedly got the CRN wrong?!

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Still having trouble

Just tried to look at P9's issued (12.15pm) and still getting the old year


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You could not make it up

HMRC spokesperson wrote:
At 11:30am, the department contacted us to explain that the drop down list for the new tax year had been omitted from the upgraded menu over the weekend and was defaulting to a previous year.
You perform a system upgrade for the new tax year, and you neglect to include the new tax year in it. Not including the thing that the upgrade revolves around is a pretty basic failure.
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I've just been able to see the PAYE notice I needed! Tis truly a miracle :)

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Notice of the issue ...

... now up on HMRC website

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CT only


The Corporation Tax issue is flagged up on HMRC website but still nothing about the PAYE issue, as far as I can see

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Found a fiddly workaround

In office at 7.30am to phone HMRC but I managed to print all my tax codes off!

This is what I had to do:

Keep turning on and off "compatibility view settings"  the little cog at the top right hand corner of your page just below the X.

Add hmrc page, they might show, remove the page you might get some!,  when they show DONT click into one, right click and open in a new tab, print it off, and repeat, that way the page won't refresh and lose them again!

For each new client I had to repeat the process of adding and removing hmrc page from the compatibility view! 


Printed all mine off now, so much for paperless office!  Time for coffee, good luck everyone!

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Thanks Shemiltwilliams. Have managed to use your workaround to view PAYE codes for 2014/15 in Internet Explorer.

Will try and see if can get similar workaround in Google Chrome.

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On my HMRC Online agent account all PAYE clients are marked as 'prior year not filed' even though most have been filed already (via HMRC Basic PAYE Tools). Does anyone else have this issue?

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Does anyone else who uses HMRC's BPT-RTI now being unable to open their software

If you know how to fix it please let me know


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I saw someone else who had this problem earlier - but now I can't find the thread again.

After talking to the HMRC helpdesk, I think they fixed it by deleting their old version and reinstalling the new one.

Make sure to save any data you may need to put through the new edition before you attempt the switch.

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My basic tools works

and I have a new option to add a reason for late submissions too - good one.

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CT problem

I've been told by software provider that this issue is now fixed - though HMRC haven't updated their website yet.

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Tried to download a pdf copy of a VAT Return yesterday and today.

Both times the screen "hangs" saying downloading!

I will give it another go tomorrow.



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VAT pdf's in Chrome

I had another go at this and finally found something on HMRC's help page.


It seems it is a problem with Chrome and Adobe Acrobat.

I tried in IE and it worked ok.

Haven't got the time to apply the "fix" in Chrome so will use IE for now!

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Well they may have sorted one CT problem but it's now telling me I've a taxonomy problem!! Not sure if its another HMRC issue or a BTC issue or if I've done something wrong without knowing....

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Well gee I didn't change anything, and I didn't update the software yet it now went through fine.... Maybe the wind was blowing the wrong way or it only allows submissions after 6pm... 

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same "not filed" message

I have filed 32 of 35 clients and rolled over the payroll into 14-15, and also filed 4 month 1 FPSs for 14-15.  All 35 appear as "NO" under "prior year filed"

it's the usual story.  Of all the databases I log into, the HMRC one is the only one I trust to be utterly useless for management information.  If only we could fine it £100 for every small error we'd all be millionaires!

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Is it just me

or has the whole online PAYE account info changed. I have just logged in as a client and I can't get a summary for the last year and then drill down for summaries for Payments, Reallocations, etc. I can only do it for each individual month one at a time. That was a feature I found very useful and this seems like 2 steps back.

Also no details for 2013/14 month 12 even though FPS's were submitted nearly 2 weeks ago.

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No problem with VAT return pdf downloads here

I've just tested HMRC's website regarding the problem, mentioned above regarding a stated difficulty with downloading VAT return copies as .pdf files.

WORKING WELL - both in (out of date) IE8 and Google Chrome on a Windows XP system.

I've also successfully viewed 2014/15 PAYE code notices via Google Chrome just now.

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Has anyone got any advice on how i can get update installed, I have page long email from HMRC when I get it re-installed and click on update it says error with database?? I have tried for three weeks with HMRC and no success. I need to print P60'S and start new tax year which I cannot do without update.


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Basic tools update for P60 forms

Assming that you have used the 2013/14 version upto now (which bizarley omits the ability to produce 2013/14 P60 forms)...

Scroll down to the table and find the line that says

"    I already use Basic PAYE Tools     "

then click on the link to (look for) an update, which leads to page as follows: on the link relevant to your computer (ie. Windows, Mac, Linux)

I went through this process for client a couple of weeks ago and we gained the ability to produce 2013/14 P60 forms from the update to the version for 2014/15.  No problems encountered for the three clients who I have assisted with this process.



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