TAXtv: Spotlight on tax scheme refunds

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Should promoters of tax schemes refund investors if their schemes don’t work? And what is the secret to growing your accountancy firms during an economic downturn?

These were two of the conundrums discussed by Giles Mooney and Tim Good in the February issue of TAXtv.

In Horner v Allison (and Adrian Ross) which was heard in the High Court, Mr Horner, a chartered accountant, and at the time a managing director of Atos KPMG Consulting, sued a promoter of a failed tax scheme he had invested in.

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11th Feb 2013 11:25

Maybe in 5 years time we will see the Mis-selling Tax Avoidance schemes compensation claims. It is about time that these so called experts had to repay their ill-gotten gains when the poor punter ends up paying all ways.


If you are thinking about entering an avoidance scheme ask for a gaurantee and if it isn't forthcoming walk away.

If the gaurantee is given make sure that it is secured and not by some fly by night "phoenix" candidate

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