VAT fraudster accountant jailed for four years

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An Essex accountant was jailed last week after being found guilty of claiming £340,000 in fraudulent VAT repayments.

Shahzad Rubani of Ilford, Essex, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey and received a four year, three month jail sentence. He was also disqualified from being a director for seven years. 

Rubani, a qualified accountant and ACCA member, was the principal organiser of the fraud which involved him and associates he recruited. 

A 2012 investigation by HMRC discovered that Rubani and his associates had set up a number of VAT registered companies for the purpose of committing fraud. 

The accountant amended company accounts and submitted fake VAT returns for non-existent clients, claiming repayments that were not due. 

In addition, he claimed...

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Good work HMRC

For once, a congratulations is in order :)

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VAT Fraudster

Yes, the more like him that can be got rid of, the better

Rubs off on all of us; more so as he was qualified


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a disgrace

A disgrace.

but well done law enforcement for a change.

need some more though!

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Best news of the day. Catch some more.

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Never mind when he comes out, there's nothing stopping from running it inside.

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Never enough

The frustration is that he will probably only do 2 years, 18 months of which will be in an open prison, from which he may even be given day release in order to ...... you guessd it.... work!

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Suddenly I am feeling great after reading the prison sentences on fellow accountants. Good work by hmrc. Don't stop. Keep at it

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