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With Self-Assessment tax returns deadline extended until 02 February, and to help you through the process, Rebecca Benneyworth will be on hand to discuss the latest developments, service issues and work-arounds in relation to the filing deadline for Sage Taxation Customers.

Drop into the surgery to post your question and Rebecca will respond as soon as she is free. The facility will be available during office hours and through the filing peak weekend, up to close of business on 02 February.

If you are a Sage Taxation Customer and would like to contribute - please register here. You will be sent an email with a link to the Q&A once it has launched.

Not a Sage customer? You can still read the questions and answers below.

Can't see the chat box below? Email us on [email protected] and let us know.


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18th Jan 2012 17:55

Hi Rebecca,

Its that time of year again!

A client, a graphic designer was working for graphic design company X under paye up till about 4 years ago, when my client bought a seperate business (Stationery etc) owned by company X, and has since then been operating the "Stationery" business through her own Ltd company.

Company X has now asked my client to "come back" to work part time (about 25 hours per week) carrying out the same work as previously. My client will continue to operate her "Stationery" business. - Question- As i am not quite up to date with the current tax case position, would it be possible for my client to carry out this part time work through her company, ie treat company X as just another customer of her own company, or will she have to be treated as an employee of Company X.


Thanks in advance.


PS Rebecca we all miss you on the northern ireland CPD

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By flim33
20th Jan 2012 14:48

PIP fallouts

Dear Rebecca

Could the costs of the present year (11/12) corrective surgeries for the PIP replacements by private clinicians tax deductible in the previous years (10/11 & prior) where these operations were performed?   Thanks


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