Tax tables 2011-12

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These tables reflect announcements made on 24 March, 22 June and 2 & 9 December 2010. For more detail on these rates, see Annual uprating of certain tax and tax credits rates and thresholds (112kb PDF)

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10th Dec 2010 09:48

SMP for 2011-12

Has the new SMP rate for 2011-12 been released?  Can't seem  to find it. A point in the right direction would be appreciated.

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13th Dec 2010 23:10

NIC thresholds

Anyone know why the primary and secondary NIC thresholds have diverged?  I thought the tax system was supposed to be being simplified?!

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24th Mar 2011 09:06


Good question Coates Franklin.

Employers pay NI on salaries over £7,075, employees pay NI on salaries over £7,225, employees pay tax on salaries over £7,475. Yep, all seems pretty simple to me.

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24th Mar 2011 12:12

Statutory Maternity Pay/Allowance.

From 11 April 2011, statutory maternity pay (earnings related pay) will be 90% of employee's normal weekly earnings, payable for 6 weeks;

from the same date, statutory maternity pay (prescribed rate) will be £128.73 or 90% of normal weekly earnings if lower, payable for 33 weeks;

statutory maternity allowance is payable at the same rate but for 39 weeks: see Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order 2010, S.I. No.793 (statement made to Parlament on 08 December 2010 by the Minister for Pensions, Steve Webb, MP.

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28th Mar 2011 11:24

Personal allowances

It looks like the tax tables are wrong.  They show the personal allowance for 2011/12 as being £7475.  Should it not be £8105?

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28th Mar 2011 13:11


£8105 from April 2012...

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28th Mar 2011 19:47

pa 11/12



your query about pers allce amount proves how sucessful the chancellors 'lies' are in pulling wool......


As the CT rates announcement proves - u can't trust them for REAL rate until it IS the REAL rate. - Rest is all aspirational fantasyland.



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28th Mar 2011 20:21



not that I will pay it........


40% both years?

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22nd Mar 2012 10:41

The link says...........

Tax tables - a handy summary of the rates for 2012-13

but these are tax tables for 2010-11 and 2011-12

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