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Negotiating For Accountants Needs a Framework

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Win Win Does It Work For Accountants

I was reading first tab's blog on the amount of 'commercial' bloggers coming onto AW in order to drop links. (which made me feel slightly guilty).

Credibility is often talked about as being critical to your marketing, but how many people take a few minutes to think about what it is and if they really are credible?

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Know What Negotiation For Accountants Looks Like

If I met you at a networking event and asked you, 'what's your thing?' - could you answer me in a short simple sentence?

When you run your own practice (or are focusing on building your client portfolio within your part of the practice) and have many calls on your time, getting the time for business development is to

If you are the sort of accountant who has no interest in social media then please don’t bother reading this article, explains M


Having spoken recently to an accountant who was keen to know what return he would get for his investment in a marketing campaign, I am surprised that I don't have this conversation more often w