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Communications consultant Olivia Chute says PowerPoint can be a valuable tool - if you use it with purpose and care. Banish your presentational fears with her introductory guide.

For those of you who read me regularly, I tend to talk about the finance function’s role in the larger context. The things you can do to help the rest of the organisation achieve its goals.

Students are often given a hard time for posting exam questions on Any Answers, but I'd like to change that situation for once.


Evidence has emerged during the past few weeks that the stresses of working as an accountant are taking their toll on the profession.


Hello I am a qualified ACA with a few years PQE. I feel I have gaps in my knowledge in areas such as pensions and financial services.

One of my sole trader client is trading below VAT threshold. He is now buying a VAT registered business in partnership with his friends.


Part 7a of the “Seven facets of leadership” series takes a look at “group orientation” and explains how this final facet stands alone as a factor.

Accountants need an image overhaul because the role we fill has changed, explains Lesley Stalker


prospective client -  changed year end from 30/11/07  to 31 mar08

08 + 09 yea ends fine