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Hello I am a qualified ACA with a few years PQE. I feel I have gaps in my knowledge in areas such as pensions and financial services.

One of my sole trader client is trading below VAT threshold. He is now buying a VAT registered business in partnership with his friends.


Part 7a of the “Seven facets of leadership” series takes a look at “group orientation” and explains how this final facet stands alone as a factor.

Accountants need an image overhaul because the role we fill has changed, explains Lesley Stalker


prospective client -  changed year end from 30/11/07  to 31 mar08

08 + 09 yea ends fine


In part six of his leadership series Spencer Holmes takes a look at the facet of motivation in the workplace.

Working as an interim manager has become the considered career and lifestyle choice for hundreds of finance professionals in the UK.


a]expenses for march included [ receipted] 58 miles own vehicle on co business claimed at 40p/ mile


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