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In part six of his leadership series Spencer Holmes takes a look at the facet of motivation in the workplace.

Working as an interim manager has become the considered career and lifestyle choice for hundreds of finance professionals in the UK.


a]expenses for march included [ receipted] 58 miles own vehicle on co business claimed at 40p/ mile


Are you looking for a cost effective way to improve your performance at work? A cheap solution is right under your nose.


Asking for a pay rise sounds counter-intuitive in an 'austere' year characterised by budget cuts and salary freezes.


Part 5b of Spencer Holmes’ series continues to focus on ‘communication’, forming part of a new approach to the development of managers.

investments made into a Unit Trust[units]  and into an OEIC[shares]

both are accumulation

distributions when made/notified ,  are taken to self assessment - no problem there


Part 5a of Spencer Holmes’ leadership series focuses on ‘communication’ - forming part of his new approach to the development of managers.

There comes a time when the mind and body throw in the towel and demand a break from the rigours of modern working life.