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Time out

Accountants have not typically fared well in comedy. Monty Python famously lampooned Michael Palin’s feeble chartered accountant’s lion taming aspirations.


Formula 1 racing driver Valtteri Bottas talks to AccountingWEB about keeping cool under pressure, what he looks for in an accountant and tax.


From terse to often fractured phone conversations with HMRC, accountants are not strangers to strained relationships.

By focusing on personal development, many accountants can overcome underlying mental blocks that prevent them from achieving their potential.


A summer festival is like an exclamation mark, a set event where we finally shake off the grim winter (unless the famed British summer refuses to co-operate).


Accountancy is getting younger every day.


Academic and raconteur Dr David Bramwell celebrates the life of accountant Reginald Bray, who tested the early postal system to bizarre limits.

Each year in December, we recognise AccountingWEB's members with the Community Awards.


A report from Good Day at Work says 2014 could mark a new era for mental health, wellbeing and work.

With a holiday weekened in the offing, AccountingWEB caught up with