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Time out

After five years in its current guise, AccountingWEB is shedding its old skin and taking on a new, more modern character.

New research from CABA indicates that accountants are increasingly worried about the negative impact of hard, long hours and poor diet on their health.


This year has seen a surge in the lighter side of accountancy, with new contenders emerging to claim the uncharted territory where comedy and accountancy collide.


When Chancellor Osborne announced in March’s Budget 2015 speech that the annual tax return is set to be

Every year thousands of comments are posted on AccountingWEB. This brief selection is designed to remind members of some of the flashpoints and highlights of the past 12 months.


The time has come to reveal the winners of AccountingWEB’s 2015 Community Awards. The categories have been hotly contested, with some members campaigning to sway the voters.


It’s that time of year again. It’s time to recognise the AccountingWEB members with the Community Awards.


Accountants have not typically fared well in comedy. Monty Python famously lampooned Michael Palin’s feeble chartered accountant’s lion taming aspirations.


Formula 1 racing driver Valtteri Bottas talks to AccountingWEB about keeping cool under pressure, what he looks for in an accountant and tax.


From terse to often fractured phone conversations with HMRC, accountants are not strangers to strained relationships.