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Time out

An accountant from Jersey could be 15th in line to the throne, if his parentage claims are proved. 

Accountancy and the debauched 1980s LA metal scene might seem at odds with each other to the casual observer, but when Guns N' Roses’ Duff McKagan finally sobered up he discovered a new passion


AccountingWEB.co.uk was honoured to win the Best Accountancy Media Outlet award presented at the Association of International Accountants (AIA)


The wraps are coming off the new version of Microsoft Office, with the expected release date signified by its name, Office 2013.


Mark Lee summarises the tips recently shared by AccountingWEB members on how overcome the perennial problem of putting things off.


I read a lot of business books, but despite giving lots of presentations I’ve never read one on the topic.

Team Dull!? has put aside the remote long enough to compile a datasheet on the profession’s representatives at London 2012.


You’ve seen ‘Calendar Girls’ (right) and the numerous copycat nude calendars it inspired.


Modern life skills expert Liggy Webb offers up more great advice on getting that crucial balance between work, family and friends.