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Time out

Artist Jill Sylvia hit the headlines recently for creating sculptures of famous buildings using accounts ledger books. Can you do better?

Business people are apparently turning to alternative strategies in these troubled economic times.

Your success in selling your business depends a lot on your ability to sell yourself. People will naturally be more likely to buy from or invest in someone they like.

The dreaded conference coffee break can, for some people, present a nerve wracking period of forced conversation, uncomfortable silences and custard creams.

An online talent contest with a twist.


Nothing seems to have exposed the “Fat Controller” tendency in British companies than the introduction of Social Networking. The first reaction has been simple, BAN IT!!


A Guru was once cynically described as an expert who had reached the age of 50 without being found out.

How about some accountant jokes from the wonderful book 'It's Grin up North' brought to us by pro Manchester?

Accountants, to kiss or not to kiss? That is the question.