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Time out

AccountingWEB’s automotive community has a new place to gather with the creation of a new Company car discussion group

Some of you who pay close attention to Any Answers and the AccountingWEB feedback discussion group


Social media expert and CEO of harmon.ie, Yaacov Cohen discusses the key strategies to help people cope when their work can always find them.

This thread is triggered by reading other threads where holidays are mentioned.


The ICAEW is going into competition with Accountancy magazine - its long-established in-house member journal.


With the London 2012 Olympics just over a year away and the recent scramble to get hold of tickets, Olympic hype is well and truly here.

We see that many advertisers are boycotting the News International papers - Times, Sunday Times, Sun and News of the World.


I read some of my previous threads and comments. They are full of spelling, grammer and sentence construction mistakes. They do not make an easy read. It does not reflect well on me!


 Are PET's deemed to be effective on the date they are given or on the date the cheque for them clears?