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Time out

 Are PET's deemed to be effective on the date they are given or on the date the cheque for them clears?


As top European football clubs gear up for the introduction of FIFA’s Financial Fair Play rules, AccountingWEB takes a closer look at the accounting challenges following the latest Deloitte Ann


Marks Sattin research has found that more than a third of accountants wouldn't have gone to university today.


For reasons which are not important, I opened an account with Pay Pal today. No identification was required. Why are they exempt?


Evidence has emerged during the past few weeks that the stresses of working as an accountant are taking their toll on the profession.


Having been involved with and enjoying this thread on our favourite books, I find it real


Insolvency practitioner Stephen Hunt has purchased £11,000 worth of tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games after initially busting his credit card limit.


Thanks to Manchester United’s participation, Saturday’s big football match will be one of Alistair Darling’s few happy legacies for the tax department.


Discussion of the superinjunction fiasco in the Money Laundering & Crime discussion group thread "


I have recently advertised on Gumtree looking for a flat to rent in Reading for three months, but all the replies seem to be from people with names like Frank Sinatra, asking me to deposit thousand