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Time out

I watched the brillant Untouchables yesterday. This triggered the point about portryal of accountants by Holloywood. It is very poor in comparision to other professions/


The company was registered in 2009 and dissolved in 2010 with no accounts filed. Can it be registered again and if so are there any things to look out for?






Paul Shrimpling, managing director of Remarkable Practice, gives his views on customer love this Valentine’s Day.

I just got back from my Sunday Tesco shopping. So many men rushing around buying flowers/chocs for their whoever. Why do men leave it to the last minute - is is something in our genes?


Former New York attorney-general turned governor and scourge of misbehaving companies Eliot Spitzer has set his sights on accountants, accusing them of being “facilitators” for corporate abuse


As I am getting older I am getting fatter, my clother are becoming very tight and I do not feel good. I want to change all this.


US rock star Steven Tyler called him "disturbingly great...weird, compelling and great”. Step forward American Idol hopeful, and certified public accountant at PwC, Steve Beguhn.

Can onyone recommend a good quality brand of walking shoes/boots. For both on pavement and hiking.

Thanks for any help offered


 Please help me understand the UK government budget. HM Treasury provides lot of data but it don't understand it.


It is the time of the year when papers and adverts will be full of weight loss, stop smoking, find your perfect partner, new year new you etc etc.