Excel 2007 not an 'instant fix' for Microsoft BI strategy - XL Cubed

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Mike Stephens, CEO of Excel reporting tools developer XL Cubed, has been watching the recent AccountingWEB debate about upgrading to Excel 2007 with great interest.

The company is based on the idea that users like Excel and that it is an ideal front end to let people interact with online analytical data cubes. Stephens acknowledged that Excel 2007 represents a "paradigm shift" and that a lot of what Microsoft is doing is designed to use Excel to expand its position in the business intelligence (BI) marketplace.

"Clearly Microsoft has tremendous influence in this market," Stephens told AccountingWEB. "They've got a good architure now, but when it hits the streets, it's not very coherent. Even in Excel 2007, its still not there."

"We have around 350 customers in the UK and what...

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