Pivot Tip 26 - How to analyse sales by financial year. By David Carter

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ExcelZone's Five Minute Tips aim to develop your skill at using Excel pivot tables. To test these tips for yourself, try them out on your copy of the pivot_practice.xls database.

When you use the Group function to summarise dates, Excel groups by calendar year. But organisations need to report by financial year, and that will usually be different.

To report by financial year you will need to hold the financial year and period number in your source database. Go into the source database and sort it into DATE order. Insert a blank column either side and head one column FINYR, the other MTHNO.

Go down each column entering the financial year and period number on each line. In the FINYR column type the year when the financial year ends. In the MTHNO column type a combination of period numb...

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