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We've gone all political on you for this caption competition, as Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi caused a scene whilst addressing the UN congress this week.

Apparently, he tore up a copy of the UN charter and spoke for so long that several congress delegates fell asleep in their chairs.

And this week's winner is...dotbowkett, who posted:

"The BBC denies politican bias in announcing the presenter for the new series of Jackanory".

Photo: Sipa Press/Rex Features

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Delegates stuck in their chairs?

It's a little trick I learnt from Derren Brown

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Delegates asleep?

Colonel Gaddafi may have learnt the art of oration from our own dear Prime Minister

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Colonel Gaddafi was furious

Yet another politician was upset at the release of the Lockerbie bomber

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Egotistical despotic megalomaniac

Apparently the speech lasted longer than intended due to the time he spent looking up “Egotistical despotic megalomaniac” in his pocket dictionary.

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IAS 24 - Related Party Disclosures

The standard is quite clear - I do not need to disclose any relationships with alleged bombers...look - here it is in black and white...

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The odd couple
Nobody was fooled by Gaddafi's impersonation of Walter Matthau

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Gadaffi's Little Black Book

Gadaffi shares the content of his little black book with the UN.

"and on dis page are all dee people I haff screwed"

Bush (I did him and his dad and he not even know)Blair (dis one had  funny smile)Brown (I haf did him 2 times - see below)Obama (younger than I normally prefer but heh)The Scots (Dis was a menage a trois with Brown one time ha!)

after today I will put the UN on dis list.

Anyone for smoke?


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I still haven't been able to tick off
'New York Cab-driver' in my I-Spy book

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The BBC denies a political bias
In announcing the presenter for the new series of Jackanory

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New York! Pah!
They even clamped two of my camels.

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"See i can prove that i was nowhere near the incident, look here in my diary, Thursday 12.30 appointment at the hair dresser for hair dye, perm and set."

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There's one born every minute...
Look here, it really IS Diana's autograph - AND she put kisses!

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A la mode
" Why all the sniggers, my stylist told me brown was the next black "

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When questioned about the Libyan–Egyptian War...

"You want to know my story ay? Well, during the Cold War..."

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Joan Rivers live at the Apollo

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