Gadget Watch: iPaq Mobile Messenger ' PDA heaven?

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Some time ago I seem to recall saying that my fantasy PDA would have to combine Windows computing with a mobile phone and a GPS receiver. With the latest HP iPaq it looks like my dreams have come true!

The latest Mobile Messenger hw6515 model (445 inc VAT) features:

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Software, Phone Edition, and has built-in applications including Outlook, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 10.
  • 128 MB of RAM plus unlimited expansion using SD and Mini SD slots
  • Mini QWERTY keyboard
  • Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Built-in SXGA 1.3 mega pixel camera for still photos and short video clips
  • Integrated quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile phone
  • GPS satellite navigation powered by the popular...

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By imain
30th Sep 2005 13:27

I have a similar soultion by using Tmobile's MDA Compact, and it is fantastic. It uses ALK's copilot for the sat nav part, but all else seems fairly similar to your system.

I got it all through a contract for £170, which I felt was reasonable.

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