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"The Pricing Wizard" is a software tool to enable firms to offer fixed price fees to clients in a controlled and planned way. Fans of American value pricing guru Ron Baker will be very familiar with the approach, as will members of organisations such as RAN/Results, 2020 Group, etc. I would describe the approach as menu pricing rather than just fixed pricing, and while many UK firms have already moved towards the latter, few have a workable system for a menu of fixed fee services. This tool helps enormously.

The software has its roots in spreadsheet tools designed by Macclesfield firm Corporate Accountancy Systems (CAS) and has been rewritten by AP-Soft in Microsoft's Visual Fox database program. The review copy was version 2.04.

The Wizard calculates fees from several related tables. The de...

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New Version Now Available
A new release of The Pricing Wizard (Version 3.0) is now available. It contains many new features including the ability to incorporate an outstanding balance, give customer and activity specific trade discounts, direct calculatioon of monthly repayments for Premium Credit financed fees tracking of detailed price calculations and much more.

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Richard...the link is obviously not working...did you click on it to test it, or just look at it?

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However I have found the site by typing it in.

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I have tried again and I still get a message page headed "The page cannot be displayed".

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The link is not working

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Link above is working

The above link does seem to work. What specific problems are you having...


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