Software Tools clinic : Fulcrum Accounts 2002

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Richard Murphy from Fulcrum joined AccountingWEB for a lunchtime workshop to discuss the new version of Fulcrum Accounts, which was launched on AccountingWEB in early March 2002. AccountingWEB members can order Fulcrum Accounts 2002 for just 60 + VAT.

{Jeremy Arnold} Hello Richard - good to see you here and hello Paul.

{Paul Roscoe} Hello Jeremy. Just realised I'm early.

{Richard Murphy} Hallo too - it's always good at the start of the event to find someone else has come along!

{Jeremy Arnold} Paul that's OK - are you a Fulcrum user?

{Paul Roscoe} Yes. Been using for a few months now. I find it excellent.

{Richard Murphy} That's an even better start! I might enjoy this!

{John Stokdyk} I second your emotion, Richard. Looks like we might have a good session.

{Jeremy Arnold} Thanks for tha...

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