Web 2.0 & Practice 2.0 – Bayoneting the wounded. By Simon Hurst

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It looked like a relatively simple and innocent question but my recent article asking how far Web 2.0 could go towards providing a complete solution for a new accountancy practice has so far generated 56 comments; one or two of which actually sought to address the question asked.

A few of the issues raised have been very specific and may best be resolved directly between the parties involved, but overall, the debate has highlighted a range of important issues concerning accountants, their future and their relationship with technology.

Let's deal with the original question first. Unsurprisingly, opinions were deeply divided on how complete any Web 2.0 or software as a service (SaaS) solution could currently be. Given some of the less than clear posturing that had preceded his...

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Thanks and Twinfield
I'm really please you've picked up the various constructive threads and repositioned your article. Thanks for the mentions. Just one thing, a slip of your keyboard, start of para 6 - they haven't actually named the company after my surname (yet).

Hope you enjoyed London Wiki Wednesday this week.
David Terrar
Business Two Zero

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Is 58 a record
No, I think you'll find that's a 78.....

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Sorry and corrected
Thanks David - error corrected

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Is 58 a record?
Simon - thanks! By the ways I've responded to Neil Wilson's last comment over at the other article. I'm very interested to see if he answers my questions or responds.

Is 58 comments a record?
David Terrar
Business Two Zero

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