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AccountingWEB's Got Talent: The final

Before the 'great switchover' occurred, we asked if AccountingWEB's Got Talent and members came forward to share their non-accounting alter egos with us. Who knew you were such a diverse bunch? Now, for your viewing pleasure, here's a gallery of some of the runners and riders in our talent race.


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Ray Tommy Cooper Lewin!!!

Phil Mountjoy | | Permalink

No doubt at all! Brilliant Tommy Cooper routine. Check out his others on YouTube too. Had me in stitches.

Laura Laakso to win!

Lutien | | Permalink

Laura Laakso to win, definitely. What a talented artist! There's no contest: it's obvious from the picture she drew (above) that this is a one-horse race.

Hmmm. Not quite working?

Martin Tingle | | Permalink

I can't see two of the photos, John Stokdyk and Ray Lewin. I notice none of your technical development team are nominated for AccountingWeb's got talent......
Martin Tingle

AccountingWEB's picture

Missing pictures

AccountingWEB | | Permalink

Hi Martin,

The two you can't see are standard youtube embeds. Can you normally see them on other sites?



Martin Tingle | | Permalink

What is a "youtube embed"?
When a site says "...and here is a link to..." I can normally see a link. Does that answer your question?
Where else might I see a "youtube embed" and how will I know?
Martin Tingle, with no apologies for not being a hip techy dude

Gina Dyer's picture


Gina Dyer | | Permalink

Hi Martin,

Sorry for the delayed response, I have been out of the office these last few days.

What my colleague was referring to was YouTube embed codes, which we use to display YouTube videos on our site. It seems your browser isn't allowing you to view them via, so I will put links to the videos on YouTube so you can you view them there:

John Stokdyk:

Ray Lewin:



Ah I see the problem now...but not the videos!

Martin Tingle | | Permalink

It seems that my employer's webfiltering system won't allow streaming video media (I am more of a radio than TV person so hadn't realised this before as radio streaming is allowed).
So not your fault but I still can't see the clips. Any chance of posting a picture summarising the action?

Gina Dyer's picture


Gina Dyer | | Permalink

Unfortunately we didn't film the videos ourselves, they came straight from YouTube so I don't have any pictures on hand. Perhaps you could watch them from your home PC? You'll be sorry if you miss John's song, it's a corker!