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I have just recived 2 text messages together.

One from a cleint reminding me to file his annual return and the other was from my mother (who I always go and see on a Friday)


Could somebody please recommend good VAT courses providers. Thank you!


A company supplies goods to retailers (for a charge).  From time to time it also supplies display stands free of charge to the retailers.   The stands have a life of (say) 3 years.



Client has almost 200 employees, and uses some cheap internet software for payroll, with a pile of paper and spreadsheets for other employee records. The software isn't really any good, and the sta

Hello all, 


As most accountants in practice and business know, insurance services are at Exempt VAT rate. Therefore, most of the insurance providers are not VAT registered. 


I am in the process of registering a new client as an employer. The director who is the only employee has paid himself just the NI min salary since January this year.

“I’m not sure I even set out initially to build accounting software”.


Hi All,

Hoping you can help me!


I am struggling to populate the capital allowances section of the HMRC CT600.



Hi All

I am hoping someone can kindly help me!

At work we use Sage 50 2011. I have to raise "quotes" which are in fact Order confirmations.


Note that all the companies in this example are VAT registered in their home countries.