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I am advising a director of company in which he was the main shareholder. He lent £50k to his company and this was shown as Director Loan in the balance sheet.



I can't find a categoric answer to this online so seeking some advice from learned friends..


In oil and gas, contracts for the capacity of pipelines to be used by field operators sometimes contain a send-or-pay clause, meaning if the operator of a field does not send any oil or gas, they s

Sage Live, formerly known as Sage Life, was officially launched at the 2015 Sage Summit in New Orleans today and will be hitting the UK market imminently.

UK finance managers are coming under pressure to compromise their ethical standards, according to a global survey of management accountants.


 What are the implications of a director charging rent to their LTD company for use of their garage and outbuildings as a warehouse and packaging area.


Hi all

I work as a bookkeeper and have recently taken on a small hotel (Ltd) with a live-in husband and wife as the owners of the business.


Have you noticed that the new .accountant domain name extension will be released in August 2015?