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If a limited company receives a commercial mortgage cashback in respect of property acquired for use in the trade is this treated as taxable income subject to Corporation Tax ??

UK GAAP is currently undergoing significant changes with FRS 102 taking effect on 1 January 2015 and the changes to the Companies Act 2006.

If a UK construction company (subject to 20% deduction on construction work in the UK) carries out contracted work for a company based in the Irish Republic, with the actual work being carried out

Looking at the NETP VAT guidance


I'm looking for job costing / time management software for a small construction company.

I had an accountant whom I trusted with my tax returns and PAYE account he has pocketed an amount nearly £10000 from 2010 to 2011 the money was to pay my PAYE now HMRC is trying to make me bankrupt


Has anyone ever used virtual assistants in their practice or know of practice that uses them? Would be interested to hear feedback.



I am a limited company of one person selling a few products on amazon. I wish to file my accounts through the ct600 form online but am having problems getting figures to balance.


Small businesses could get £2bn in additional funds from alternative finance companies within the next year, after a bank loan referral system bill recently got royal assent.