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I hope someone can help me find the right solution for the situation described below.

As part of the ‘Get it Right’ series of business articles, Jennifer Adams considers the use of different classes of shares in a owner managed company – colloquially termed ‘Alphabet’ shares.

One of my clients sold his business and qualified for Entrepreneur's relief given he met the relevant criteria.


Our company has made a couple of hundred employees redundant over the last five years. All employees were given a redundancy package where no tax was charged upto the 30,000 limit.


While governments and the OECD struggle to get a tighter grip on fiscal revenues lost to global tax avoidance schemes, the

Could you please recommend any Credit Management tools for small/medium business, ideally free software?

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We have an owned house we used to live in which is now let.  We rent a farm which has a tied house as part of the lease which is where we live.


I am buying a BTL property with my husband. Due to his high tax payer status, I'd like to register as tenant in common with unequal shares.


Has anyone read HMRC's report detailing spending over £25,000, and if so did you notice that HMRC paid £39,600 for three years membership of the Institute of Customer Service, whilst simultaneously

A loss-making company finally ceased trading in May 2015 and the director wants it closed down.