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As I understand HMRC are required to make your VAT refund within 28 days of submission.

I have submitted the first return for client showing all opening costs and reasonable refund due

If there is a loan from the shareholder that is unsecured, interest-free, & repayable on demand, can we net off against the loan balance the cost of the share capital?


There is a company which has finished its trade and therefore would like to deregister for VAT.

Tech company (one director and sole owner) has developed new product and decided to separate the project.

Ancient philosopher Lao Tzu must have predicted the phased delivery of auto enrolment when he wrote “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small.

One for the Excel data 'geeks'. (like me..)

If I say so myself, I am quite good at creating ODBC links and pivot tables to get at data (in my case from Sage 200).

Morning all

Bit of a strange one perhaps but I'm after the SSP rate for April 1996?


We have recently taken the payroll in house after our accountants did it for the previous year and the first month of 15/16.


We use one of these here in the AccountingWEB office, was just interested to hear what our members have to say on it? What do you use? Have you used both? Merits and demerits? 



Mike Rake, president of the CBI and former chairman of KPMG, has said businesses should argue for the UK to stay in a reformed European Union.