The business case for CSR. By Dan Martin | AccountingWEB

The business case for CSR. By Dan Martin

Dan Martin

With businesses' impact on the environment and local communities firmly in the headlines, AccountingWEB business editor Dan Martin speaks to Angela Stangroom, group communications manager at BMW UK Ltd, about the case for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and businesses' role in improving the environment.

What is the business case for CSR?

BMW believes that companies assume responsibility for their economic success as well as for the enviro


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richard.murphy's picture

Tax is the core of Corporate Responsibility

richard.murphy | | Permalink

If businesses do not pay the tax expected of them by society then all the rest of CSR is 'greenwash'.

This interview did not discuss that issue with regard to BMW. You can guess my conclusion.

Except it's not very green either because it only asks the easy questions.

Richard Murphy

Judge them by actions, not words

Brian Gooch | | Permalink

Is this the same company that produces the vehicles that were rated 7th, 8th and 9th worst for pedestrian safety (Euro NCAP/Which? Magazine), a 2.5 tonne vehicle that produces its own weight in CO2 every 6 months and is marketed at people who have no need for its size, power or 4x4 capabilities(X5)?

There doesn't seem to be much SR there.