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Cautious optimism for accountancy jobs in 2010

The post recession business environment will offer new opportunities for skilled finance professionals to shine, but political pressure to cut costs will affect the jobs market.

While 2009 was a year of economic disruption, 2010 is set to be year of political upheaval with a general election coming up and campaigning already underway by both leading parties. The key campaign issue, unsurprisingly, is how the £178bn public sector deficit can best be reduced, but what effect will this penny pinching have on the jobs market for finance professionals?


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'Penny Pinching'

SMiller44A | | Permalink

Reducing a £178 billion public sector deficit is going to require a bit more than 'penny pinching.'

Gina Dyer's picture


Gina Dyer | | Permalink

You're quite right, but where will the axe fall?