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Cupid's arrow hits UK plc

Finding love at work is on the increase.

This is the claim from employment law firm Peninsula, which found that almost eight out of ten workers had had a workplace romance while, six out of ten had met their partner at work.

The survey revealed that over 1200 employees interviewed:

  • 79% of all employees interviewed admitted to having had a workplace relationship

  • 65% of those polled had met their partner at work

Of the 79% that had a workplace romance:

  • 73% said that they tried to keep the relationship a secret, from other work colleagues


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Is anyone surprised?

Rderry | | Permalink

One survey tells us that we spend more time at work than anywhere else and the next tells us we meet our partners at work. If we all spent 12 hours a day five days a week in the pub, I'm sure most of us would meet our partners there.

Bonjour tristesse

Sonia Gable | | Permalink

The idea of a workplace "triste" is rather sad really, vraiment triste.