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E-mail zaps productivity

Almost 40% of workers in the UK, Germany and the US waste an hour a day e-mailing friends and relatives or swapping jokes online.

These are the latest time-wasting findings from Clearswift, the company that managers content security software for email and the Web.

The other 60% aren't angels either, with the majority admitting to spending up to half an hour a day on personal e-mails. Only one in 10 workers claims never to use the company e-mail system for personal purposes.

But according to the survey findings, bosses aren't concerned.


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Loss of productivity?

frauke | | Permalink

To maximise an employees productivity they need to be happy doing their job.

Stopping personal/fun e-mails would make many unhappy (could even aid a boring job from being boring!) If an employee is unhappy they are not going to be very productive.

Who ever did this research was very short sighted and does not understand how to motivate employees to maximise productivity!

It can't be considered a waste of time and certainly does not "zap productivity".

What do you expect?

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

The population of email users in US = ? , China = ?, UK = ? .

Why take such a miserable small population of 4,500 inhabitants out of the world population of ?? billion?????

Also, which industry is this miserable sample taken from? Young teeny winnie itsie bitsie polka dots bikinies?