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Economy on track for 'strong growth' in 2007.

The UK economy will see strong growth this year thanks to a booming financial services industry and increasing business investment, an influential new report claims. Dan Martin reports.

The Ernst & Young ITEM Club, which bases it forecasts on the Treasury's own model of the UK economy, predicted 2.9% growth in 2007.

"Stock exchange and M&A transactions have been steaming ahead and business investment has picked up in the last twelve months, helped by the buoyant economy and rising profitability," said Peter Spencer, chief economic advisor to the ITEM Club.


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Inflation Target

JSJ54 | | Permalink

Would Mr spencer please confirm that his salary has only increased by 2% this year.

Good year for this year

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

I hear people say this year, year of Boar (Chinese astrology), is good year for economy.