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Embrace the over 55s, firms urged

UK businesses need to wake up to the spending power of around two million over 55 year olds who have the highest disposable income of any other consumer group, a new report has claimed.

According to Royal Mail, people aged over 55 – which it named the "charmed generation" - have a net capital worth of around £1bn, a level of wealth not expected to be achieved by future generations.

The postal business said the group spends the most on luxury goods and services, makes over half of all new car purchases and takes 37% more holidays a year than any other age range.


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AnonymousUser | | Permalink

Absolutely true. Advertisers mostly chase under-30s with more money than sense. It's quite fun to fill in all those impertinent marketing questions on websites, guarantees etc. and make up diferent personalities with different ages, outlooks, sexes etc. You get far more interesting junk mail. However, there is very little for the 45-65 age bracket and most of it is very dull - cars, conservatories, not much else. I suspect the reason is because selling to that age group requires real work, not just flash and piffle.