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External events not to blame for faltering economy

The ITEM Club - sponsored by Ernst & Young - has issued an Autumn forecast in which it predicts 1.6% growth in UK GDP - half the rate forecast in the Budget.

'The Chancellor is blaming high oil prices and other external developments for the current weakness,' says ITEM, 'But this is untenable when the world economy is strong and the UK, as a major exporter and oil producer, has the potential to benefit from these developments.'

The ITEM Club believes the UK's problems arise mainly from the end of the housing boom and the consumer shopping spree, and the government's apparent unwillingness


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Ahhh Mr Brown.....

John Savage | | Permalink

.. nothing to do with your 'safe and prudent' hands, is it? Rocketing house prices, spiralling taxes, spiralling public spending, spiralling personal debts, no... thought not.

Looks like your chickens are coming home, and we can all start hearing the truth now, rather than trying to blame everyone else which appears to be the hallmark of 'New Labour!!!