Financial pressures force SMEs to shelve green projects | AccountingWEB

Financial pressures force SMEs to shelve green projects

Many UK firms are neglecting efforts to be more environmentally friendly, according to research from the UK200Group.

The organisation, which represents over 110 independent accountancy and law firms, teamed up with the University of Middlesex to quiz 181 small- and medium-sized businesses across a variety of sectors.


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Green projects can SAVE you money

draycir | | Permalink

I would have thought that the main priority for many SMEs at the moment is reducing overheads, cutting costs and saving money.  It’s all about cash flow.

Yet, it’s here that green issues can actually be at their most powerful.  But, perhaps it’s all about how you pitch it and how it’s perceived? Often wrongly, businesses mistake being 'environmentally friendly' with expense when in fact it can seriously cut costs and save money. 

Just look at the benefits from going paperless where a typical SME using paperless software such as Spindle Professional can expect to get paid quicker and save thousands by sending information such as invoices out electronically.

When encouraging SMEs to be more environmentally friendly perhaps the green message should play second fiddle to the primary cost savings message.  If the knock-on benefit from cutting costs is being more environmentally friendly perhaps it will only help to sweeten the deal and ensure that green projects aren’t shelved.

Richard Reaveley