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PAYE: Half a million returns filed online

A record number of end of year returns for 2004/05 were filed online by 3 May, HM Revenue and Customs has announced.

HMRC said in an item posted on its website late on Friday (13 May) that almost half a million employers filed their Employer's Annual Return online in the period 6 April to 3 May.

"As at 3 May, 466,000 returns had been submitted via the Internet with another 25,000 filed online using Electronic Data Interchange," it said.

HMRC's note also gave detailed guidance (most of wh


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Benefit of Experience?

Robert Clubb | | Permalink

It would be nice to think that the problems with filing this week will result in the IR learning valuable lessons and not 'buy short' when commisioning software and hardware investments in the future.

Sadly, from past experience (over more years than I wish to state here), there is more chance of me receiving a large cheque from Camelot................. and I haven't bought a lottery ticket in weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news! I was up at 6 am this morning to file

Anonymous | | Permalink

the last big one, and then to my horror, it did not want to give me an acknowledgement, as it was "pending".
Don't worry it said, "log on later, and check the submission".
Given that today is the 18th, I think I have a cat in hell's chance of loggin on in daylight on time.

Andrew Goodall's picture

Deadlines and penalties

Andrew Goodall | | Permalink

HMRC has updated its web page Employers' annual returns: Deadlines and penalties to highlight the late filing penalty concession. It now includes:

"The deadline for your Employer's Annual Return is 19 May. But we will not charge you a late filing penalty as long as you get your Return to us by midnight on 26 May. See Deadlines and penalties for more … "

Andrew Goodall
Editor, TaxZone

Online Submission

John Adamson | | Permalink

I have been trying to file my last three remaining P35 submissions on line since yesterday afternoon - I even tried during the night! but keep getting message "Inland Revenue Gateway is experiencing technical difficulties etc". Tried again this morning still the same. Cannot get through on the phone to Inland Revenue submission helpline. On Sage helpline just get message confirming what I already know, and pointing out that I have until 19 May to file the returns which is what I am trying to do!

I know that there is the concession for the extra week, but that is not the point,if the Inland Revenue want as many returns filed as possible online, it should have sustems that are robust enough to cope.

I will keep the filing log reports from the Sage payroll which give the date and time that I have attempted to file the returns in case they try and impose penalties on these clients.

And previous comments have suggested that we should not make a charge for internet submissions?