PBR to attack non-domiciliaries. By Dan Martin | AccountingWEB

PBR to attack non-domiciliaries. By Dan Martin

Gordon Brown is likely to use this week’s pre-budget report (PBR) to remove the favourable tax treatment for UK non-domiciliaries, experts have predicted.

Tax advisers Chiltern made the claim among its predictions ahead of Wednesday’s speech, which will probably be Brown’s last as chancellor.

The firm said a review of the domicile rules are probable.

Currently a UK resident who is not UK domiciled only pays income tax on money brought into or spent in the UK.


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Non Domiciles

Anonymous | | Permalink

Simon Sweetman....what a bitter socialist your are!

I wish

oldersimon | | Permalink

Attack non-domicilaries ? As has been forecast for the last 10 years every year ? I wish.

See the Sunday Times - your average UK based billionaire pays an overall tax rate of 0.14%

high standard of debate as usual...

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

thats a brave, and constructive comment "Taxman" hiding behind your pseudonym!

socialist, moi ?

oldersimon | | Permalink

Democratic socialist, yes. And proud of it. Bitter ? I don't think so : I just think that people who choose to live in a country and take the benefits paid for by taxation ought to contribute.

And was there anything in the PBR ? No, of course not.


Anonymous | | Permalink

another stunningly inaccurate "prediction" about the content of a Budget, or Pre-Budget statement, this time from Chiltern. I would have been as well advised had I asked my 2 year old non-English speaking nephew for Budget predictions.

Does, or should , this undermine the credibility of the technical expertise of the firms who get these finger in the air lists so wrong?

billgilcom's picture


billgilcom | | Permalink

I was just wondering if anyone knew why this "amnesty" - offshore disclosure facility aired it's head before the domicile rules are changed. Could it be GBUK allowing it's benefactors to repatriate funds they need to live on legitimately before changing the membership taxes. I wonder how many non-domiciled wealthy will partake of the opportunity.
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