Six ways to kill off your customers | AccountingWEB

Six ways to kill off your customers

Britain's toughest business guru, Geoff Burch, demonstrates six ways you can kill the customer relationship stone dead.


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should_be_working's picture

One way not to reach your audience

should_be_working | | Permalink

... producing a video when a textual summary would enable us to absorb the information much more quickly.

video or text?

duncanphilpstate | | Permalink

Quicker to read a transcript? Perhaps.

Similar in impact? Unlikely.

As memorable? No.

In fact, did "should be working" actually watch the video? His comment pretty much illustrates Geoff Burch's points made under "Marketing" and "Selling" - and most of the other 4 as well - differentiate yourself and put some effort into the customer's experience, don't just flap around and expect anything magic to happen.


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Gina Dyer | | Permalink

You've brought up an important point here. How do members feel about videos on AccountingWEB? Do you find them useful or do you prefer to see written text? We try to mix it up every now and then and provide something different, but obviously we want to make sure we're still offering what members want and need. Let us know your thoughts!

video or text

markmorley | | Permalink

-- M Morley Morleys

my vote is text , more discrete and easier to refer to points made to make them stick.




video or text

markmorley | | Permalink

-- M Morley Morleys

my vote is text , more discrete and easier to refer to points made to make them stick.




Very good!

Valentina744 | | Permalink

I learned something from this video. It made me realise that I can use my client's data better in customer interactions, to make them more personal. Also, I have never thought about the clients who are not with me and why not and that I should be targeting them as well in the future, AFTER I secure the capacity to do a great job of whatever they need doing. See - even the 'Marketing' point reaffirmed my belief that I should NOT market before I am ready to do a very good job ;)

As regards to choosing between text and video, I prefer text, because with video, I need to put my headphones on if there are other people in my office, and then they ask me what I am doing, haha... This said, the video here is good.

cardinalcall's picture

To Video or Not to Video: That is the Question

cardinalcall | | Permalink

I prefer videos supplementing or illustrating text.  I appreciated what I could understand of the video; however, speaking American English, at times I experienced difficulty comprehending what this eloquent gentleman was saying and would recommend subtitles for the American audience...LOL! 

The Barefoot Accountant

Accountants CPA Hartford, LLC

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I think that ...

nogammonsinanun... | | Permalink

... duncanphilpstate put the case for should_be_working admirably.

I have not (yet) watched the video.  Had it been in text form I would likely have read it immediately.  Instead it has been filed in the "possibly of interest, will have a look later, if I remember" category.  And knowing me I probably will not.

"Similar in impact? Unlikely."  I agree.   If I don't get around to watch the video, its impact will be nil.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

reply to Clint Westwood

duncanphilpstate | | Permalink

I assure you that your loss is my gain.

And so once more, debits equal credits and the Universe is in balance.

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Not allowed to stream video at work

jimeth | | Permalink

In the video/text debate, my employer has recently introduced a policy banning emplyees from streaming video on the company network without prior approval.  Thus I am denied this content unless I remember to look at it later at home.  Where videos are posted a summary of the main points in text would be helpful - we would then know whether the content is sufficiently relevant to be worth watching the video. 

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Gina Dyer | | Permalink

Thanks for the feedback. We'll take that into account next time we're considering doing a video. I think jimeth's point about having text summaries alongside them is an interesting one and we may try this out next time to see what the reaction is. Thank you!

Text summaries!

jon.woodger | | Permalink

Yes I agree text summaries would be useful. Our lovely modern computers where I work don't even have speakers!