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Two in five FDs want to live and work abroad

Two in five UK FDs want to leave and work abroad, according to a survey of 5000 financial directors undertaken by recruitment consultants Robert Half Management.


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Living abroad

raycox | | Permalink

I happily count myself among those for whom migration is a very real option. I have the experience to my credit having lived and worked in South Africa for 11 years.

The grass is always greener on the other side?

Too true!

I plan to retire on active duty outside finance to the Canaries.

Anybody for beach tennis?

Ray Cox

Bankruptcy...Lender refuses to accept reasonable settlement

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

A mortgage lender has a decree against one of our clients for £35000 which was a shortfall on a repossessed house approx. 10 years ago.
Our client has £20000 equity in her present property and has offered this in full and final settlement, the lender has asked for a minimum of £24000,they have also arrested our clients wages last month.
They are aware that they will get less than £20000 if the client declares herself bankrupt which is her solicitors advice.
Does anyone know if our client can avoid bankruptcy as it seems crazy for a lender to accept a smaller settlement providing the client is declared bankrupt.Lenders solicitor does not know where or how the lenders figure of £24000 has been calculated.

stress not the only reason

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

My one-way ticket to NZ was booked two weeks ago - and I'm happy to make way for the next candidate for my role - I recruited him for his potential four years ago.
What the survey doesn't seem to highlight is the potential benefit for our children - the main reason for our departure - I guess I'not the only one who despairs of the declining standards in our education system, and the self-centred aggressive 'youth' culture?

carnmores's picture


carnmores | | Permalink

whats wrong with the other 3?

It's in the title

Anonymous | | Permalink

Surely as a Finance Director, it is in your job spec to help guide the direction of the company, taking strategic decisions being all part of that. So what's the moaning? If you just handle the financial accounting then are you not a Company Accountant?