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Dear all. I hope you can help me with my query. My partner is a taxi driver and I keep accounts for him and some of his friends.


Most accountants recognise that good record-keeping doesn’t just help with compliance; it’s good for the business too.


We are a company based in Northern Ireland. We have recently set up a subsidiary company in Sweden. I am looking for an accounting package which can be accessed from both locations, i.e.


I have a charity client which is about to construct a new building which will be used mainly for generating income from the sale of 5 flats and one flat will be used as a training centre.  I am not


I appreciate that this subject has probably been discussed ad nauseam but I continue to be inundated with letters from HMRC for every client, threatening all sorts of fines for paper Returns all su


I have 2 questions really

I know there was talk about doing away with PPR elections - Did this ever happen?


From what I can see, there is no standard form to inform HMRC on a van benefit in kind.


Company A borrows unconnected Company B a sum of money to purchase and develop land.


Hi, any advice or experience appreciated.

Will try to keep fairly brief but here goes....