A company is paying a monthly payroll, it decided that the first month staff should be calculated up to the 20th of that month and each month thereafter, the staff are then paid on 25th of each mon


An investigation carried out by Deloitte into Tesco’s finances has revealed the accounting irregularities are worse than first originally estimated.

Can I claim VAT on business expenses paid by credit card or direct debits if the receipts/invoices are missing?


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The government is reviewing the minimum salary someone has to earn before he or she is automatically enrolled into compulsory workplace pension schemes.

A client would like to pay Royalty  and Licence fee to its holding company in Cayman Islands. I was wondering if anyone would have dealt with such payments before.


I am looking for some advice/suggestions relating to the deduction of CIS from a customer invoice.  We have performed work for a customer who have contacted us advising they will need to make CIS d


I have been asked by a client about a business proposal and how the VAT will or could work.


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A somewhat heavy duty question which I am finding taxing - no pun intended:


Just been speaking to a client who had someone work for them for a month and then left. Problem is, they didn't issue a P45.