Van purchased 4 years ago when client not VAT registered. Cost included VAT. He is now VAT registered & has sold old van & bought new one.


Okay.  I've checked HMRC guidance as I don't have many clients in this area so I think it will be a good idea to double check as HMRC guidance doesn't seem clear.


If you’re an FD or CFO within a company that has already staged for auto enrolment, we’d love to find out how the experience was for you, good or bad.

Last week without warning access to my bank account was blocked for no apparent reason, i have called the bank several times asking for explanations, each time they have told me they are not sure w


Hi.  I am investigating the tax implications of employees attending industry dinners where the company will pay for say a table of 10 and all of those attendees will be company employees.  I think


I’ve been reading the HMRC guidance relating to what VAT can be reclaimed on expenditure before registration


A limited company client which is a small manufacturing business operating from their home address wants to drill a new well (they're not on the mains water).


Please can I get some advice as to which business miles I can claim?

To keep it simple, I will give the places 'letters'.

I live at 'A'

I work at 'B'