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Hi All 

i run a building company which i use subcontractors and deduct CIS accordingly and pay on there behalf on all works i do domestic and commercial work


I had a client who had just finished his second years trading and we filed his accounts very quickly with Co House to improve his credit rating.


I thought it could be really useful to everyone involved in AE if we could all share our experiences and known glitches, so I will start the ball rolling.


The Settlement Agreement in a dispute between Company and Director/Shareholder (my client) states settlement sum of £250,000 is for £72,000 for the payable for my clients legal fees, £30,000 for lo


UK vat reg Co purchased nominal valued EU printed materials delievred to the UK.  VAT no provded and invoice received did not have Vat


hi I am working out which is better.

Employee is in the tax band of 40%. the allowance is he easy part I have worked out the take home salary would be.



A British client with an Italian wife is fully employed in UK. The father-in-law, a business man in Italy wished to give them a house in Italy and in effect reduce his own tax bill.


I don’t normally do payroll, so could I just check this?


My Ltd Co client supplies ongoing services to major commercial groups. It incurs some direct costs chargeable against the relevant job on the way