Clubs who received a VAT refund in 2010/11 following the Rank case (gaming machines ) have now been issued with demands for repayment with interest.

I currently operate the payroll for seven companies which operate from the same office - same directors, etc.  Almost every week I get an email from HMRC stating that I have coding notices or an RT



 I just wanted to get my understanding clarified here.


partnership owns agricultural land

the land's value may be about to increase substantially

a transfer of the land into a newco by way of gift is being considered


I was just doing a few calculations for a client contemplating a change of car.

Is it just me, or is Moneysoft's multiplier for car fuel benefits set at £21000 instead of £21700 ?


A client ltd company - did some work and was owed £20K- after several months it received payment , two lots of £5k- 14/10/13 - then on 21/10/13-


Client company reimburses employee lunches to places like McDonalds and Miss Milli's Chicken Shop.

FRS 102 becomes mandatory for accounting periods starting on or after 1 January 2015. Steve Collings considers accounting for grants under the new GAAP.

If a private person buys a house there is no VAT on the house.


Hi.  A quick question relating to weekly paid employees and the RTI susbmissions.  We have some new client who pay staff weekly.  They pay the staff a week behind, so a payment now is for hours las