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Is it a requirement for a small audit-exempt company to include a going concern note in its abbreviated accounts.


A client has just bought a Land Rover Discovery 4 Landmark Commercial. The windows and seating have been removed from the back of the vehicle.


We have been informed by our current BACS software supplier that it will not cope with upcoming TLS changes and so presumable will not work.  They are trying to sell me a newer version.  We have ha


A client buys vouchers for hotels and restaurants from sites like Travel Zoo, which acts as agent for the hotels and restaurants for which it sells the vouchers.


I wonder if anyone can come up with a non-cynical explanation of why IRIS seem to think they are entitled to a '90 day notice period' for renewal of a product I have bought from them?


Australian watchdog Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) has ordered an independent inquiry into the affairs of a charity run by former international cricketer Shane Warne.


I have an awkward case, so any help would be appreciated...


As you are probably aware, we have recently embarked on a research project to gather feedback from AccountingWEB


Would a holding company that is incorporated in another European country (with bank account, virtual office, etc in country of incorporation)  but owned by a UK based UK citizen be tax resident in


I have noticed the new adverts are now running for the "Governments New Living Wage".