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We all know the problems with dates of HMRC correspondence.


For a new 2 partner accountancy practice, Ltd or LLP? and Why?
Considering issues such as tax, retention of staff (i.e possible future partners), etc.



I have a potential client who has a large portfolio of buy to let properties. She runs this as a sole trader and at present maintains each property on a separate XLS.


Hi i recently was made redundant and am pregnant,


What's a good evening job or second job for an accounts assistant? Any good suggestions please? I live in London.


This is about when an asset can be recognised I think, unless you have any other suggestions.


I have a client who has traded as a cinema for many years. The freehold property is included in the accounts at a cost of £145,257 and accumulated depreciation of £41,491.

I have a complex question I hope someone can help me with concerning how to continue to run a UK-based CIC whilst resident abroad.

Am I correct to clam vat when entertaining overseas clients who are customers to the company? My understanding is the input tax is for customers only not potential customers.  

I work for a charity which rents office space from a landlord.