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A deduction for leased car costs is restricted by 15%


By moving from a paper-based expenses system to an online solution, Southampton Football Club (FC) reduced expenses processing by more than 70% and simplified its VAT claims.

Getting the board on side and willing to adopt your way of thinking as a CFO goes right to the heart of what makes a successful CFO, according to former Shop Direct FD Mark McMenemy.

This is similar to a question that I posted a month or two ago, but I now have further information and could use some clarification.


How do I calculate holiday entitlement for a part time employee working 6 hours per week?


We have purchased a vending machine from which our employees/visitors can purchase hot drinks.

Should we be paying VAT on the income we receive from it?

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Apologies if this question has been asked about a billion times on here...

Members' views would be welcomed please on Card Payment Services, re which companies are recommended (both in terms of cost and efficiency), for a low volume case.


If a company director (and shareholder) of a limited company is permanently based in the USA, can the company make gross salary and dividend payments to them?