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hi All, 

I hope you can help. 

A company "A" based in UK Vat registered has a client "B" in Ireland also VAT registered. 


I cannot find a definitive answer to this?



I transferred one of my client's partnership business into a company in 2013 and now i am in the process of finalising company' first annual accounts.


Hi all, would appreciate some advice. Last year I took over the family farm and went self employed. I am now looking to register for VAT.


Hello, can you please tell me if it is allowed to reclaim VAT for waiter's tips. Those tips are not included in bill. E.g. Bill/receipt is for £30 and £3 tip was given.


A client is registered for VAT in a partnership and has a sole trader business running alongside it, but different activities.


I’m considering a VAT situation for a client and it’s an area where I’m uncertain - it would be good to have some other thoughts.

The question boils down to,


Received a tax code today 13th May that was dated 5th May by HMRC.  It was for a leaver on 9th April that was notified to HMRC as part of the payroll under RTI on 29th April.


A VAT registered trading limited company owns a residential property which is lived in by the company's sole director/sole shareholder, who pays a market rent for his occupation of it.


I'm the sole director of my limited company. Due to various reasons I have not pay my self the SMP and made a claim from HMRC for my first child born in 2011. How could I make a claim?