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Just wondering how people are finding this programme? How does it compare to other products in the market?


Dear Members,

I have crunched 2 options for the shareholders/directors of the limited companies regarding on best structure to withdraw dividend and salary and would like your opinion.


I was just about to upload the March pension details onto the People's website when I noticed that every employee who joined before September 2015 had disappeared from the csv file.


 I have a client (the directors & shareholders are husband & wife) who has decided to hold their AGM abroad. The company are to pay for the directors cost of travel & accomodation.


The employment appeal tribunal (EAT) has made judgement that it was not discriminatory that a childcare voucher scheme, provided to employees by way of salary sacrifice, was suspended when an e

Stewart Roberts, CFO of fast-moving fintech company iZettle, talks AccountingWEB through some of the measures the company has taken to manage its growth.

A client started trading through his limited company as a contractor last year.


I'm having a nightmare trying to get an answer about this so I'm hoping for some help. 


Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a cloud based accounting package for a 2nd hand car dealer.