I am a freelance filmmaker who is self-employed.


I have a parent who is resident in a (very) profitable nursing home run by a private (for profit) limited company.


A limited vat registered company charges 2% on the total when the customers pay by credit card.   Should vat be added to the charge? 


I have a client with three workers from overseas.  All are from outside the EU (Australia, Papua New Guinea and Sa'moa).

I am working for a small company that is selling used IT equipment. We got one main and regular customer. 


We want to hear your stories, dear AccountingWEB users, of clients looking to use you for all kinds of dodgy dealings, how you dealt with it, what happened.


The indexation allowance per HMRC table for disposals in January 2015 is ''nil''.

Does this mean that the usual, indexation calculation on gains does not apply, please?



It’s Budget week and the news headlines this Monday morning feature a major review of business rates, a ‘no gimmicks’ promise from the Chancellor and the ACCA seeking a new FD.