I have a client who has not kept up on repayments with HMRC (VAT & PAYE) and they are now advising that they may be applying to wind the company up.


A UK registered (VAT registered as well) company has a contract with a company in Channel Island to clear the rubbish away for a fee.

What is the position of VAT please ?

Just to let everyone know - one of the most important tax cases is being heard tomorrow (7th July) at 10.30am - its the Daily Penalties case.



As a 'side' venture my wife and I are setting up a greetings card company. She does the designing and I am in charge of the rest.


Hi guys,

Audit planning meeting with new client tomorrow.

Can you be so kind as to remind me some of the most important questions to ask (and document answers)?



I have a couple of clients that require job costing / profitability analysis.  I have developed this in a spreadsheet, but the clients are getting to big for this not to go through software as the



I am from Romania and I want to start selling goods over the internet in the UK.

For that, i choose to voluntarily register for VAT in the UK.

My questions are:


four individual shareholders, none of whom are connected to each other.  each own 25% of a trading company.  shareholder A paid £3 per share, B paid £4 per share, C paid £5 per share and D paid £10