The Pensions Regulator (TPR) will write to all small and micro employer


A client has a new company that has not traded in year 1 - however they received £50 cashback for opening a business act with Barclays.  No other income.

The migration of content to GOV.UK continues to frustrate accountants, in particular recent changes to Companies House technical guidance.


We currently host our own Exchange on our in house server and are looking for a hosted solution.  We have about 10 users.


Company A bought company B in stages: 65% in year 1, another 5% in year 2,and the remaining 30% in year 4.


The disclosure of a trivial part of the accounts (for the organisation concerned) in the prior year stats is wrong in the "operating profit is stated after charging..." note, and this has come to l


My wholesaler client offers a cash back scheme to retail customers via gift vouchers. 

Chain is a s follows:


For anyone living near to Exeter we are hosting an event on auto enrolment designed for accountants and bookkeepers the main speakers are The Pensions Regulator and they will  be answering any ques