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Can anyone explain the tax rate between 120,000-100,000 I know it is 40 % higher rate band but in between these amounts personal allowances is reduce by Pound1 for 2 pounds .


Hi everyone

A brief query - how long does it ordinarily take for a companies info to be updated once an SH01 form has been filed via the Companies House web service to issue new shares?


I have a subcontractor working on the railways as a cable joiner. 


The previous accountant has pooled the income of a FHL together with profits from 5 rental properties.


In Midsomer Murders, ITV’s iconic detective drama, murders often take place among the upper middle class residents of Britain’s bucolic communities, says Bryce Sanders.

Can you prepare an account for a client just on verbal instruction? For example he says this much is my business expanses but I don’t have the invoice or receipts.



We have an equipment lease that is subject to VAT.  We have a monthly DD set up for the lease.  We haven't received an invoice as such, just the lease agreement which shows each monthly payment and


I have been working in the accounting profession for many years now, and most partners, supervisors that I have worked under have tried to embed in me that we sell time; now I have never fully beli


Hi, this is a personal question and I would appreciate some advice.

I have a CCJ in my favour after 9 months of waiting. I now have the option to enforce it.