Hi all, I just wanted to check if anyone had experience with re-routing a phonecall from a landline to their mobile.


Hi, My coy purchased FAs in Aug 2013 before the decision to cease trading on 30th April 2014. The coy's financial year ended 30th June 2014.


Can anyone help? I have used the HMRC website to produce and file the P11d's. However, when I go to print the forms for the employee's they are showing as text and not as pdf's.


Hi, My company recently had a 1 day conference for it's employees, the morning was all work related and the afternoon was team building. How do I classify it in my accounts - training?


A 40% shareholder in a business want's to swap his ordinary shares for a new class of "Ordinary A" shares which hold the same voting rights etc. but hold different rights to dividends.


Hi, I really appreciate any advice any of you can give.


I am thinking about resigning from my current position in order to start a totally new business.  I expect that within 6 to 12 months I'll know whether it's going to succeed or flop.  If it flops I


Can anyone tell me where/how to include accrued interest to be paid first, when the loan repayments start, all to be settled by a fixed repayment over 12 months.


Hi all.

I need to contact a Mike Friar/Fryer at HMRC in their Special Civil Investigations unit in Solihull to obtain clearance for a client's proposed structure ahead of implementation.