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Hi and thanks for looking at this. 


Clients that put expenses through the company that are not tax deductible - how do you account for these?


For expenses that were clearly personal, these are put to DLA.


Many would say I should know the answer to this question, but I believe there are two potential answers and I looking for any real life examples as well as personal viewpoints.


Can anyone suggest a method of sorting out a preferred SIPP provider. We have narrowed the field down to 3 but there is more to selection than mere costs.


We've just had a client tell us that their friend has moved to a accountant that uses cloud accounting.


With technology changing the accountancy profession, from day to day compliance work now handled by software and the potential for technology such as blockchain to remove much of the role of audito


I've just had a phone call from a client regarding the future sale of a property that he's been renting out for several years.

I have a client who started a partnership with his wife in which he continues one trade (gardening) and also carries on another trade as a sole trader (building).

After asking a question on here recently, I found out that football coaching is VAT exempt, unless the person is trading as a limited company. This raised a further question.


Hi,I have batch posted a YEARS worth of invoices and they're all grouped in the customer account. Please tell me I can upgroup them??