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A friend of mine was recently arrested he was having a drink with some friends at a bar when the bar was raided by the police.


Here we go again .. and I have checked ... there are no recent posts ... apologies if there are.


A friend of mine has been a UK resident since 2001 and he is not UK domiciled. His mother who was non-UK resident passed away and left him a very expensive piece of diamond.


One company for which I am working is not vat registered. I am working on Sage 50 Accounts. Is it right that for all transactions I have to use tax code T9? 


I have a client who would like to set up an associated company with the same shareholders as the existing company and transfer software from the existing company to the new co.They don't want to se


Dear all,

I am just entering details into the Form SHO03 - Company purchase of own shares, I would jut like clarification on a couple of fields before I submit

Hi everyone, 

A new client has approached me to help them with their company accounts. They have been operating in far east for the past 4 years.


client owns 2 uk companies A & B

in company A DLA is £30k in credit; in company B DLA is £15k overdrawn in debit


Hi i am making the change from partnership to Ltd Co.


The government has announced plans to double the audit threshold for charities after a recent Cabinet Office consultation.