I am having a brain freeze:

We sell industrial equipment into the EU, and typically take a deposit payment of about 30% with order.

If the company is proposed to be struck off and status showing at companies house is "Active - Proposal to Strike off", hence I am not sure whether annual return  still need to be filed.


I've been through this before but really need some help.


Anyone able to recommend an energy broker ?  I must receive 5 cold calls a week from 'energy brokers', but am reluctant to commit to as there are a lot of cowboys in this sector. 


We have a client that deals with the import of certain items that are manufactured outside of the EU.


A new one for me, two corporate partners each own 50% interest  in a partnership. How should this interest and the profit/loss be disclosed in the company?


So, my first limited company, my first accountant.


A director was employed by a limited company and unfortunately died. Whilst alive, the company was paying for BUPA for him and his wife.

Hi Everyone

Can anyone recommend a reputable accounts payable outsourcing company.