I have had problems with the incorrect prices being charged on invoices.


A client of mine in the UK is developing a phone accessory. It has subcontracted part of the work to a company in Spain but the Spanish company said they need to charge VAT.


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Running a payroll for a client who needs figures urgently (don't they always!) and am trawling HMRC site for info but not having much luck.

Has anybody else found that their previous FPSs under RTI have disappeared when updating to the latest version of Basic PAYE Tools?


I wonder if any of you knowledgeable community members can help me with this please for which I'm struggling to confirm the correct treatment?


I have recently taken on a client who has not registered for PAYE/ NI. In addition they have not been given any advice on how they should pay themselves etc..


Hi, I do the accounts for the (very) small business I run, and have a query regarding loans.


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Here are some examples that have been sent to me:

The new nation will be Europe not Britain - we will be forced to accept EU citizenship!

Borders will be meaningless


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