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The government will pass new legislation this year under which companies and partnerships will commit a criminal offence if their employees or associates ‘facilitate’ tax evasion.


In November 2014, HM Revenue & Customs opened a general enquiry into our clients 2013 tax return, which includes the self-assessment figures for the year ended 30 April 2012.



Can any experts out there clear my thinking in terms of claiming expnses for a nurse locum?

1) Use of Home - there is minimal usage but i guess we can claim


I suspect the answer is "No", and some smart alec will say - "You should have printed off the VAT returns when you submitted them". 


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I'm preparing the P11D for one of the company directors who recently acquired a company car.  I have the list price from Parkers, but how do I find out if any of the accessories/extras are included


I keep getting emails for Tax Insider - looks quite good

Anyone else subscribed? Is it worth it


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I have been approached by a client who wants to register a limited company with 2 directors / shareholders.


Hi  We offer a t-shirt to all our employees with the company name and logo on.  These t-shirts are offered to employees when they join us, but wearing them at work is a choice. We are a company of


A self employed sole trader client refuses to provide bank statements.  This isn't a case of them forgetting or saying they will send them and not doing; the client has been asked to provide bank s