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what would be the expected gross profit percentage expected, or expected range, for a babycare shop selling baby clothes, push buggys etc, or is there a resource somewhere as a reference?

just checking my increasingly wayward mind. UK business is organising a banquet in London for an USA hotel group  , they are not charging VAT to the US company that is correct isnt it?


Could anyone help with a stock accounting cut-off error we're having please.

Client is an internet company buying large amounts of stock and then selling them online.


A potential client used a tax avoidance scheme from 2008 to 2014 on recommendation of a tax agent.


I have completed my Accounts and they balance.  However I am now stuck filling out the abbreviated balance sheet and CT600 using the HMRC software.  I am at the Taxation Notes section of the Balanc


Can anyone confirm or otherwise whether you should now include commission earned when working out holiday pay.


Would anyone wish to speculate on how HMRC might react to the VW emissions scandal in respect to company car tax?


Speeches from the new leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell at the Labour Party conference in Brighton have been given a mixed reaction by business leaders


Just a quickie folks.

Do you show advertising costs to your move etc as a direct cost or within marketing in admin costs.