If a company made large profits in 2009, is there a time limit for later losses to be set off against those profits to recover tax?


Female CFOs at Britain’s biggest companies are paid 7% less on average than men, research has found.

Regarding a micro employer who has not yet filed any FPSs for 13/14 or 14/15, what are the late filing penalties if everything is brought up to date before 5 March 2015?



Four family members have been gifted development land with a market value of £400K and wish to transfer the land, at market value, to a development company of which the four family members are Dire


In today’s business world you have to be flexible, innovative and agile in order to survive.

Before I start, we've partnered with Clearbooks so the majority of our clients who use a cloud system use this.  It has a very useful function in that for any given period you can run a simple comp


Client has suffered a VAT late filing penalty.  I'm adament the penalty isn't tax deductible but the FD disagrees.  I can't for the life of me find the official legislation that proves that I'm rig


Company A has an investment in a subsidiary, B Ltd, stated at cost of £100 in its accounts. B Ltd has net assets of £500,000.


I have a client who sold his property recently. However in the past he had not submitted any tax returns or property rental accounts relating to this property.