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Modelling agency Elite Model Management is in the process of consolidating 13 different financial systems across its international network.

It’s lowdown o’clock and it’s downhill to the weekend.


Plans for a small business ‘conciliation service’ to resolve disputes over payments and a promise to cut bureaucracy by at least £10bn over five years are among the measures in the new Conserva


Lloyds Bank “artificially distressed” small business customers after they were transferred to a support unit as banks tried to strengthen their own balance sheets after the financial crisis, it


I heard recently that Dunkleys, a Bristol based practice are sponsoring the "Shaun in the City" initiative.


I was interested to hear in the news in this morning's commute that electronic payment has overtaken cash and cheques combined, in proportion 52:48.  I wasn't listening closely but this must mean n

I posted a previous question regarding the most appropriate category for an Air Conditioning Engineer using the VAT Flat Rate Scheme.

It's a tall order trying to replace our former Community Editor Rachael Power, but we're trying.



I work at a school, and I have been given the task of reconciling the bank statement against SAGE.  Unfortunately the bank statements go back as far as September.