My wife and I have run a limited company since October. She is an unpaid director and I am company secretary with another full time job.


Looking for some guidance on the following.

My client has recently received assets as a gift.  The value of the gift is around £5K.


I use both Sage Winforecast and Sage Forecasting. In Winforecast I have found the setting that prints the filename and path on all reports but I cannot find this in Sage Forecasting.

I have an USA based subsidiary that reports its P+L in dollars.


I am a bookkeeper for a company that has made an acquisition of electronic goods from a supplier in an EU country and have provided that supplier with their UK VAT Reg No.


I know this is a long shot.  My client has just incurred a penalty of £700 as he had failed to submit his tax return for 2012/13 - he has just been careless.   There isn't any tax to pay.


Van purchased 4 years ago when client not VAT registered. Cost included VAT. He is now VAT registered & has sold old van & bought new one.


Okay.  I've checked HMRC guidance as I don't have many clients in this area so I think it will be a good idea to double check as HMRC guidance doesn't seem clear.


If you’re an FD or CFO within a company that has already staged for auto enrolment, we’d love to find out how the experience was for you, good or bad.