Questions on the practicalities of paying dividends are asked on a regular basis under the Any Answers area of AccountingWEB.


I have been providing a service to one branch of a business with several branches for 23 months.


1) Could anyone please confirm if posting VAT refund as a Bank Receipt to nominal code 2202 (VAT liability) is the right way of recording the Vat repayment?



I am the Chief Accountant for a company that is going into administration. We became insolvent due to a major supplier taking its business away from us.

I've completed a job for a client, I applied for and received a HMRC login.  The person (employee) who's taken on the job has asked me for my HMRC login because they've not yet received their own.


I'm really hoping for some advice.  I've spent the last two months searching for work that would fit around family life.


I have one bad paying customer who is also an important one.  He is happy if I use invoice factoring.

Are there any drawbacks?

I understand I will lose around 8% of sales value.


I have a client who has some very specific ideas about the share structure of a company that he is setting up.


We have a client who has opened a paye scheme. He has simce decided that he does not want to draw a salary. No submissions have been made to hmrc.


I have been successful with importing multi lines sales invoices from excel into Sage however each line of each invoice comes up as a separate invoice.