Hi all,

Difficult question here I believe.


Yesterday I had a client come to me (Director A) with a problem regarding his business parter (Director B), they are both 50% shareholders and directors. 


Hopefully one of you can advise me! This is the first time since i've come across this situation and not entirely sure how to deal with it. 


Good morning all,

I need to determine what kind of shares I demand in a company that I was in as a partner but nothing is legalised yet.


I am a private limited company and would like to loan a certain amount of money to a private limited company.

We are both I.T related companies.


We are a company based in the UK but we need to register for VAT in Romania. To date I have been unable to find how or where to register for Romanian VAT.


I've got a huge stack of BPP study guides for every single module of ACCA.  Unfortunately they're 10 years old so whilst the modules have changed in name and topics might have shifted between modul