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To set this up, I need to create a theoretical scenario.


I have a Contractor with a Limited Company working through an agency to provide Therapy sessions to people with Behavioural problems that are referred by the NHS.



We have been using Sage Forecasting 2007 and have used it since earlier versions since it was independent of Sage and called Winforecast I think!


Good morning. Here’s your Wednesday news.



Hello, I am ACA Qualified and CFA charterholder with over 15 years experience of accounts preparation, Tax and investments, valuations etc.  If you are in need of accounting/investments/tax service


I called HMRC online helpdesk as a client for whom we had submitted a 64-8 on paper, was not appearing on our list of clients on the HMRC website.  The paper form was used as the online application


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Business intelligence (BI) can bring about greater profitability for your organisation, but it’s not a simple process, says Tim Wilson, a partner at US advisor BKD.

Company A owns 100 % company B, both are Ltd. Company A is registered for VAT, company B is not, although could be if it was recoverable in this situation.