I'm having a spot of bother interpreting the new penalty system as it relates to P11d penalties.  I may be looking at the wrong page of the website.

A small company owned 50:50 by H&W paid dividends into H account, who then passed money at various dates in various forms to W, who has no other income.
Is there a problem?


I have three situations involving quasi-educational services:

1. UK company providing martial arts lessons to groups, or individually, to UK based individuals in a hall in the UK


Hello all

I am aware Sage have withdrawn support for Sage 2010, and I'm therefore asking AWeb users for any advice please.


I work for a large vat registered company and we supply to vat registed customers. We always issue TAX invoices.


A client wishes to purchase a classic car (£150,000) as an investment through his Limited Company as opposed to him purchasing privately in his name.


if a UK resident & domiciled individual works for their own UK company and is paid a salary under PAYE subject to tax & class 1 NIC - are they able to also be paid a salary by their Italian

Client is a full service brokerage firm. Client cash is from deposits, interest, dividends and trading activity ie sale/purchase of securities.