KPMG’s fraud barometer has reported a rise in the number of younger, more 'tech-savvy' fraudsters in cases going through the Crown Courts.

I have received enquiries regarding two people who left our employment during 2013/14 whereby HMRC have a significantly higher earnings figure having been (apparently) reported in our year end RTI

Does a Private Investment Company attract corporation tax if it's only income is the dividend payment from a trading company it is a 50% shareholder of.



I hope this is an appropriate place to ask...

I have a small company and have produced its statutory annual accounts (myself, as a non-accountant).



Our Company was going to buy a car for an employee as part of his salary package but couldn't get finance for this.  However what happened was that


On 15 July the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (CCAB)


We have recently won a contract to supply parts manufactured in Hungary which we will purchase and resell to our UK customer.  The goods themselves will be sent directly from our supplier in Hungar