I'm British and live in the UK, I work offshore on oil and gas instalations, I have a UK registered Ltd company what I work through. I'm vat registered also.


I'm writing policies, procedures and controls for a start up business (with say 40% cash/60% credit card).


This is my second year with this client and they are totally totally disorganised.  They never do the book-keeping until the statutory accounts are due and then they call me to sort out the mess.


I have been looking to raise money for my business, out of the blue i have a company contact me who offers finance solutions this is part of the email (We are extending our trade finance facilities


Scotland as an independent country could have more far reaching effects on payroll and pensions than first thought, says Karen Thomson of the

I'm a sole trader who only has a couple of weekly payrolls. I'm thinking about booking a holiday abroad for 2 weeks, but the payrolls will need processing whilst I'm away.



Working full time and set-up a part-time business. What happens with NI.