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Had a long meeting with a potential client.


Client DD for PAYE was set up on HMRC website about 5 months ago and each month I just added another one.


A decision by the UK’s Supreme Court about legal aid will help creditors get money they are owed after insolvencies but a government review of insolvency litigation may protect “rogue directors

Half a million more small employers will have to enrol workers in automatic enrolment pensions than previously estimated because of more new businesses and fewer businesses closing.


I have a question with regard to intercompany invoices and vat.


Hi there, I am running a UK Ltd comany and I am about to distribute dividends to the director who is not a UK Resident.


With the new dividend tax and changes to the recovery of travelling expenses what do think the future holds for the


One of my payroll clients has a rather unusual circumstance, in respect of one employee.


So early in June I sent HMRC the following:

1 form SA400

3 forms SA401

3 forms 64-8

Only sent 3 64-8s as we already act for one of the partners.