Hi there. I am having trouble understanding the sentence in bold from the Companies Act;


Can anybody recommend a firm to advise on the tax implications of UK based company operating in Singapore, possible via a branch, or by a Singaporean subsidiary?


buys a property then goes on to let it out to a tenant, does he charge VAT on the rent ?


Does anyone else have this problem?

When I double click on a bank account, or nominal account, or customer or supplier account in the relevant list the Windows file explorer opens.


I am assisting a client with some research into the possibility of selling his Company.


Questions on the practicalities of paying dividends are asked on a regular basis under the Any Answers area of AccountingWEB.


I have been providing a service to one branch of a business with several branches for 23 months.


1) Could anyone please confirm if posting VAT refund as a Bank Receipt to nominal code 2202 (VAT liability) is the right way of recording the Vat repayment?



I am the Chief Accountant for a company that is going into administration. We became insolvent due to a major supplier taking its business away from us.

I've completed a job for a client, I applied for and received a HMRC login.  The person (employee) who's taken on the job has asked me for my HMRC login because they've not yet received their own.