I'm using Moneysoft Payroll.

An employee has had a small loan from his employer to cover an air fare (around £1000) which I'm dealing with through the "subs" menu.


I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to explain in laymans terms the following answer I received from Now:Pensions to my query as to why some literature they had sent me showed


Property tax stories feature in our lowdown this morning.

I have a client which is a charity providing tuition & training re dyslexia. They have a management charge to the shop which is a taxable supply. They are, therefore, partially exempt.


Is it possible for a British citizen who has lived abroad for 6+years, and has not declared herself as non-resident (but will do soon for tax purposes) - to register with HMRC as a sole trader?


I use QuickBooks online, which is has a detailed report of unbilled time charges.  However, it doesn't have a report showing a summary of unbilled time charges by client.


Does anyone have a good resource showing the all-in cost of hiring staff across Europe, particularly the "big" countries like Germany, France, Italy etc?



A new client running a company approached for his first year accounts but he did not open company's bank account and trading through his personal bank account.


I fielded a query from a client today.  His building company is buying stone, originally from Portugal, from an importer.


How can I set direct debit for the clients where the clients sign the DD mandate and I can collect the monthly payments from them?