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Has anyone reviewed the proposed amendments to IAS 1.

i have a new client and on reviewing the tax payments i see that last year  he has had to pay CIS that had not been deducted as he paid the subbie gross.


I'm preparing a first year consolidated set of stats. There are 3 companies including the parent. The parent and the largest sub have the same year end and first year of trading.


Is it possible to word a contract so that if we pay a fee (royalty or marketing fee) they can recognise the income immediately but we can defer costs over length of contract.


An LLP has been profitable but for the current period (01/05/2014 - 30/04/2015), is likely to make a loss.


Plans for legislation that is intended to make insolvency cheaper and easier to manage by cutting unnecessary rules have been mainly welcomed by insolvency practitioners and small businesses.

We are currently recovering from a private motorists' insurance the costs of repair to an item of machinery which the private motorist drove into.


If a Ltd company (with directors as shareholders) declare a dividend in April (minuted and dividend vouchers distributed) after a March year end and decide not to pay all or part of it, what is the