Peter Rose chartered accountant recently convicted of defrauding employees by deducting PAYE and NIC and not paying these over to HMRC.


I have a number of clients with payrolls but also subcontractors.

Can someonw direct me to information relating as to how FTI will affect CIS


In Jan 2010 (2009/10 tax year) I was granted a US performance-related stock option with McGraw-Hill. I was employed by McGraw-Hill in the UK.

Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?


Californian balance sheet reconciliation cloud software specialist BlackLine Systems is expanding into Europe from a new base in London.


Hi All,

I use PayPal to pay a lot of my foreign invoices.


A Director and minority shareholder of a company with branches in the South of England travels from home in Scotland by air to various airports in England and then by road or rail to attend Board M


Is it possible to customise the layout of the sales invoices in quickbooks.


I have a client who operates under the Tour Operators Margin Scheme for VAT.  They don't want to show any VAT on their sales invoices, and instead just want to state "This is a Tour Operators Margi