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No more recovering SSP from April next year. "Percentage threshhold scheme being replaced by HWS" sounds less dramatic. Was everyone aware ?


does any one know of any bank in London which will provide a US$ current account with cheque book & paying in book to a small limited company with turnover between £200K and £300K the majority



I would really appreciate if you can share your knowledge regarding Payments on Account. 

The scenario is:


After submitting a Full Payment Submission in Month 1 it is required to change one or more salaries.   Can the changes be made by submitting another complete FPS in Month 1 with adjusted salaries ?


My subscription to "Accountancy" is running out - does anyone have a view on the relative merits of "Accountancy" versus "Economia" (would not be entitled to free copy of the latter)


Looking for opinions

Limited company could not obtain any more lending to build buy to let property portfolio due to reluctance of banks to lend to ltd companies for property.


We have an ongoing dispute with the HMRC over the fitting of removable folding rear seats into our Discovery Commercial vehicle which they claim has constituted a fundamental change to the vehicle'


Just some background. Politically I am to the right of Stanley Mathews, am a hanger and a flogger and, what is really heinous (to some), I am a DAILY MAIL reader!!