The ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty has appointed Giles Derry, a partner at

I recently attended an interview. I had a few gripes about the process etc, but, it went well enough. The recruitment consultant told me today that I had not got through to the next stage.


Administrators from Deloitte have been appointed to the Atmosphere chain of bars and clubs across England and Wales after the company failed to deal with its cash

We provide company cars to employees and the employee claims for any business miles at the current HMRC fuel only rates.


My client's turnover has dipped below the de-registration threshold and we are considering whether he (one-man band company) should de-register.




UK vat reg company acquires 'services'  ie buys marketing collateral from an EC Vat reg business  [ not product/stock items]


A client incurred web development costs in their year end 2011, and also in 2012. In 2012 accounts, the client wants to capitalise the web development costs in that year. However, in 2011, the cost



Thanks in advance for any help! I think I know the answer, but just want clarification.