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If a Ltd company pays interest on a loan from an individual the interest would normally be paid net with a CT61 to cover the tax deducted (s874 Income Tax Act 2007).


Scottish accountant Ian Read is at the forefront of US firm Pfizer’s £63bn bid for UK pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca.


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Could somebody enlighten me on the following as I am currently in dispute with HMRC.I have a client who set up 2 bank accounts back in 2006 for each of his grandchildren and transferred approx.100k



I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me.  I am trying to journal my month end PAYE.  How do you record the Employers Allowance.

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Hopefully quick and easy question:


I'm dealing with a company which started in April 2013, ceased in March 2014 and has not been set up with an Employer's reference - yet. Problem is: if we set up as an employer for 2013/14 now, we


I have today received letters for two payrolls dated 27/4/14, referring to 2014/15 saying that the PAYE account is in credit for the period 6 April to 5 July 2014 having paid more than the last thr