An accountant who stole more than £44,700 from a brain injury charity he worked for has been

Tom Albanese, chief executive of mining giant Rio Tinto, has stepped down by “mutual agreement with the board” after the company announced a £8.7bn (US$14bn) write


In short Company A paid Company B for goods by cheque, and VAT invoice was to be posted by return.  This was in September 2012.  Despite constant chasing Company B has not issued VAT Invoice, and h


One company operates two distinctive businesses, each of which has its own PAYE registration.




I you have a nominal account for loans (2300’s) which had a starting balance but there wasn’t a bank account for it.


My husband and I are buying a buy to let property, projection of net income to be around £10k per year.


Contractors receive payments weekly.  What software is there to process their weekly income please.  The contractors want to know each week how much they can get paid safely from their companies.