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Hi I am self employed and have a small construction business. in 2009/10 I made good profits and paid a heavy tax bill.


We are a company based / registered for VAT in the UK, we are providing an in school training day to a school in France, and therefore the place of supply of service is in France.


We are an export company selling goods all over the world. We are trying to tighten our Sales cut off at the month end ie. only including sales in the books as goods that have left the building.


HMRC has said it's taking a "new approach" to Business Record checks, as in the latest phase of the programme, most people they've contacted have been keeping records correctly. 


Hi, we have two subsidiaries of company A, companies B and C. Company C has a further subsidiary, company D, which is being liquidated.


If you are practising on a case that audit is required by the bank due to a new lending agreement; what would be the banks main interest in terms of planning materiality?


For example, a charge registered by a lender over the company's freehold property. Does need specific disclosure in the financial statements?


Lawyers for Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay have returned to the High Court to pursue the final chapter of their six-year battle to extract a £1bn VAT settleme


My client is working at least 70 hours per week on a zero hour contract at the same rate of pay per hour  (this is as casual contract)ACAS state that casual and irregular hour employees are paid ho


Clients are setting up a business to find work for self employed construction workers.