I have just been told by hmrc that if a company has an ESSU number it is required to file a form 42 regardless of whether a notice to deliver a form 42 or one of those nil forms a


I have a client who has bought Sage Professional to help them manage their Projects.


My brother owns a new company that will be selling phone cards and needs me to be Director of Operations with a wide range of duties. I do not want to work as a salaried staff and I am considering


Hi Everyone

I would like your views on this one.


A company director paid a parking fine by cheque; he posted the letter personally, as usual.


I need your help with regards to the exchange rate. I have a few invoices in a different currency and just wonder where to find the exchange rate that I can use.


Anybody from VT Accounts working late that can help me with a problem?


Where abouts in the accounts would you disclose the requirements under Section 401 Co Act 2006 for exemption from preparing group accounts as the company is a subsidiary of a larger company??