To qualify for audit exemption in ROI, all 3 conditions - Turnover, Balance Sheet and number of employees -  must be meet.


It looks like this has been available for many months but only just hit my radar. 


Dear All,

I just need to clarify a tax issue regarding business travel claims. Generally there are 2 methods of claiming for business travel:

1. Mileage Allowance claim or





I got a client which has made a little bit of mess with the accounting side of the business.



Hi All

I have recently taken on a new client who has some issues around legal enitity.... Can any one advise...


I have just set up e-banking and followed all the instructions, when I clicked on file and the drop down box appeared to click on import bank, the software just closes.


Client, who had previously been running own payroll told me last Friday that he had not paid staff for April yet. I told him this option was no longer open to him as we had passed 5th May.


After more than 60 years of office computing, getting fast and accurate management reports is a still a struggle for many senior managers and their accountants.


Letter received as follows:

"Thank you for telephoning our contact centre on 6th May to chase the letter you sent to us on 6th March.


David Cameron's enterprise adviser Lord Young has urged the government to make its loans scheme for new companies open to applicants over the age of 30.