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Hi there - I am looking to buy a property that may be registered for VAT, does anyone know where/how you check if the property is elected?


Hi all!


A few clarifications is much appreciated.



Hi I am hoping someone can help me.  My client has a Ltd company which is a consultancy business but he also has a rental income, which is a loss this year, through the business for residential pro


I am resigning from a company due to personal relationship break up with the other director.  The business is improving and run at a loss first year. Now its first year at a slight profit.


John Stokdyk introduces a summer series looking at business plans from all angles and wonders why such important documents are so often neglected by finance manage


Just received a payment demand for a client for their 2012/13 deferred NI. Cheques are required to be made payable to "Inland Revenue" and the bill is also headed with that title. 


What would you recommend as the best financial system for reporting departmental accounts?  I need to install a relatively easy to set up system soon but really need a great depar


When you have a one man band company and you put in a use of home as office charge by way of rent from the director to the company, what do you do when the director is married and the house and run