I have two lease on two shops with different landlords.
Both leases are held in the same ltd company name.
Both are held on rent deposit


We're looking for an accountant who has experience of Community Interest Companies, we're a broadband provider who has set up using grant money and just passed our first year end.


We are preparing an analysis of a debt-equity swap (parent co will give up their rights to a loan in exchange for equity).

I've been updating our Sage system with invoices raised and payments received from customers and when I have entered a new invoice against a customer, I marked it as 'post invoice as paid' before I


An accountant friend and I have a long-running disagreement on what classifies as prepayment, or more specifically when you recognise a prepayment, particularly at year end.



I need to decide which rate is most appropriate for a graphic designer / illustrator

Neither of the below are correct but are as close as I can see and both 11%...



 I am seriously considering a career change from Optometry to Accountancy.


Administrators from Deloitte will step in to help the struggling high street music retailer HMV after it confirmed it was unable to continue to trade outside of an insolvency process.


I have a client who publishes technical books so they are more likely to stay in date for several years and presumably more easily changed if held electornically


currently looking at the market again, for 'Treasury function' for a couple of businesses who have surplus cash,  and looking for a short term deposit / interest bearing home.  Their current bank a